Minutes – Jan 20 2010

Fraser Heights Association Meeting

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

  1. Although a person had been arrested in regards to theft from the community mailboxes, there has been ongoing theft from boxes around 101 Ave. and 173 Street and 106 Ave and 168 Street. Please report any suspected tampering with the community mailboxes to the RCMP.
  2. The 2nd annual “Freezer” Heights dance is scheduled for April 17th at the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre. The proceeds from this event will be split between the 4 elementary schools in Fraser Heights. Come enjoy a 1stclass dinner and a silent auction – you will have a fun filled evening that won’t disappoint you.
  3. 176th Street/Barnston/Highway 1 Development – on January 11th, this passed the 3rd reading at the City Council meeting. There had been open houses but few residents were invited to them (the invitations were only required to be sent to houses within 300 meters of the development). The request for an open house for Fraser Heights residents was not responded to by the developer. The passing of this development means that no further community input can be given and the file is closed. Only 3 members of council voted against this development – Bob Bose, Diane Watts and Judy Villeneuve. Although 801 units had been requested previously, the developer had 694 units on the plan submitted for approval.
  4. The RCMP were requested to monitor the stop signs at 156th Street and 108 Avenue and 156th Street and 110thAvenue. At one count, over 90% of the cars were not stopping at the signs and in a few cases, accidents were narrowly avoided (including one with an RCMP officer!).
  5. The open house for zoning larger houses in Surrey was well attended. A group called the Surrey Rate Payers, from the Newton/Whalley areas of Surrey, had wanted the square area of the houses to be increased to allow up to 4500 square feet of living space – NOT including the basement (which could mean houses of 6800 square feet could be built plus decks that would eventually be enclosed for living space). They also wanted the number of cars allowed per residence to increase from 2 to 5. Fraser Heights’ residents did not want this to pass in our area.
  6. The onramp and access to Guildford via 110th Avenue at 152nd Street will remain open until after the Olympics and the closure date was not certain (mid March?)
  7. The Pedestrian overpass at 168th Street by Pacific Academy to go to Tynehead Park will give cyclists/pedestrians the opportunity to come and go from Fraser Heights and was to connect with a path down to Barnston Island on the Fraser Heights side. Five million dollars was allocated for this project, divided between the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments. This project should begin this summer.
  8. There was a proposed overpass to possibly be built at 112th Avenue to go over the freeway to Birdland (north of Guildford but above the Port Mann Bridge). No further information was available about this.