Minutes – Mar 25 2010


  • There have been 2 focus group meetings in the City of Surrey to create a housing action plan. A policy for suites is being developed. Questions being asked are: should there be only one suite per house and should the homes be owner occupied? The City has hired a professional polling company to do a random survey and will possibly follow up with a poll mailed to all Surrey residents. If you want any more information about this, you can contact the Fraser Heights Community Association via their website.

Gateway/SFPR (South Fraser Perimeter Road) and PMH1 (Port Mann Highway 1) projects:

  • 154 Street/ 110 Ave access to Guildford was closed March 8. Apparently signage was lacking so new signs were installed late Tuesday evening of this week. 26 cars have been seen going north along 152 on the overpass, pulling to the side and then backing into Fraser Heights on the Fraser Hts entrance to the overpass.. Police will monitor this.
  • 176 – dirt is being loaded in and around this area in preparation for the new overpass. Many trees were removed this week to make room for the road work. By request, this project will be done during the day.
  • The 104 Avenue/160 Street intersection at the south end of the 160th Street overpass has spent years requesting a left turn light for those heading south on 160 to turn east onto the #1. Yet again, it was denied but this time they said late 2010 or early 2011, the cloverleaf will be ready to allow those heading east on the freeway to turn right at the south end of the overpass, loop around and join the #1 eastbound. The light at 160th/104 will continue to exist but it is not certain for how long after opening the cloverleaf.
  • The consultation meeting for Fraser Heights’ residents from 164 Street eastward is being planned for May to refine the design. It is hoped to take place at Pacific Academy. If you have any questions about this project, send them to the Fraser Hts. Community Association website.

Freezer Heights 2nd Annual Spring Thaw

  • Dinner, dance and social will be held April 17th at the Fraser Heights Rec Centre. There will be a live band that will play requests (60s, 70s, 80s etc.). Door prizes and a silent auction add excitement to the evening. Tickets are $30 and there are only 360 tickets – it sold out early last year. You can buy these from all 4 Fraser Heights’ elementary school PACs. There are also $5 raffle tickets being sold – the prizes are a 42 inch TV, an apple I touch and $100 – so if you can’t go to the dinner/dance, this is another way to support the schools. Last year, the event raised $8000 which was split between the 4 elementary schools.

Surrey Beautification grants.

  • Fraser Heights is getting 9 trees to be planted adjacent to the Rec Centre on Thursday April 22nd at 6 p.m. Come out and help plant the trees – it is a family event. Fraser Heights is also requesting a utility box wrap for the utility box at the corner of 104 Ave and 160 Street. Since this is the main entrance to Fraser Heights, a nice welcoming picture or ? would be nice around this utility box. If you have any ideas, submit them through the community website.

Other Business

  • Rob Langford, the president of the Fraser Heights Community Association, is stepping down as president and would like someone in the community to take over this job. He is starting his new endeavour – he is opening a restaurant at the end of April where Leandros / DaMichele used to be. It will be a family orientated restaurant with a menu that includes quite a variety of foods including tapas and a kid’s menu. He said the name would be Fraser Bistro and Lounge (I’m not sure if he said Fraser, Fraser’s or Fraser Heights).