Letter to Council re: Public Transit in Surrey

The following letter was sent to Mayor Watts and Surrey City Council May 14th 2012:

Mayor and Council,

The Fraser Heights Community Association would like to express its concern and disappointment with the recommendation to cancel the proposed transit service improvements south of the Fraser, in particular the rapid bus along Highway 1.  After years of paying a disproportionately large share of the region’s transit costs while receiving next to no investment in our own community in return we are extremely disappointed that these long overdue improvements have been so easily abandoned.  The members of our community made very clear at our recent meeting the strength of their feelings about this issue and asked that we convey that message to you.

As a community that will soon be surrounded by highways and the only tolled bridges in the lower mainland the disproportionate financial burden we will bear in support of the region’s transit system will increase even more.   The inequities in transit funding and investments are painfully obvious.  While we will continue to subsidize transit for the rest of the region through our property and other taxes, soon every time we cross the bridge we will be paying the full costs of the highway improvements that residents in Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby will enjoy for free.  How ironic that by being denied easy access to rapid transit we will instead fall back on our only practical alternative, the car, increasing, through tolls and fuel taxes, our subsidization of other people’s transit.

No one is bearing the brunt of the bad decisions by those directing and influencing Translink more than the residents of Fraser Heights.  We expect to see our elected representatives, at all levels, demanding the level of transit service in our region that we have more than paid our fair share for over the past decades.  We further expect to see them fight the fundamentally unfair approach to funding which, among other things, will see only the new bridges in and out of Surrey tolled.

Know that when you speak out on these issues on our behalf you have our full support.   Know also that actions speak louder than words.  Thank you for your ongoing efforts.


Frank Russell

Fraser Heights Community Association


Residential Break & Enters

The following notice from the RCMP warns of recent break-ins in Fraser Heights:

I have been asked by S/Sgt Dean Scott to advise that in the past 2 weeks we are aware of a few residential Break ins in Fraser Heights.

We are asking residents to be vigilant in reporting any suspicious persons or activities in their area.  For example subjects knocking on doors to check if residents are at home.   Always remember if someone comes to your door when you are at home always acknowledge that you are there.   Never open doors to strangers but either talk through the door or through an open window.      Remember to leave porch lights on when going to bed to light up your area.   Also if you are going out for the evening remember to leave a light on in the home to suggest that the home is occupied.

Remember to use your home alarm and ensure that all windows and doors are locked when leaving the home or retiring for the night.

Remember to keep a close relationship with each other in your neighbourhoods and keep everyone informed.  Please report all incidents of thefts and also remember the security of your garden sheds as these areas are sometimes forgotten.

Thank you again for your continued dedication and participation in the Surrey RCMP Block Watch Program.


Marlene Drozda

Crime Prevention Program Coordinator
Surrey RCMP District 2


Surrey Council Candidates Debates on Transportation

The Surrey CITI (Citizens Transportation Initiative) is hosting two debates for the Surrey council candidates about transportation issues in Surrey. Knowing this will be of interest to may residents of Fraser Heights the details are provided below.



If you feel transportation is an important subject for Surrey come to our transportation candidates’ debates during the municipal election campaign. Here are some topics up for debate:

88 Ave. congestion – Container levy to help fund Translink – Park & Rides – Light rail/Street car vs SkyTrain – Bike lanes and bike routes – Legal and illegal paving of Surrey – Transportation with “Town Centres” – Translink governance

NOVEMBER 5, SATURDAY – 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Newton Library, 13795 70 Ave.


NOVEMBER 13, SUNDAY – 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Fleetwood Library, 15996 84 Ave.


Hear what City Council candidates have to say. There will also be opportunities to question these candidates.

Hosted by: Surrey CiTI (Citizens Transportation Initiative)

Contact: ecolocooplib@yahoo.com

FHCA Minutes – Sep 28 2011

President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • The high school is now charging $60 for non-profit organizations to use the school for meetings so we have decreased the number of meetings from 5 down to 4 meetings per year – Sept, Nov, Feb, May (dates listed at end of minutes)
  • For pressing issues that come up between meetings, please communicate via email or on the website

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement – total account balance is $4544.92. Liability insurance is now being charged for groups renting out/using the school facilities – Leanne was able to get a good rate of $235.

Police and Security – Constable Dibblee

  • Constable Chris Dibblee can be reached at: 604-839-6971, 778-593-3559 or at christopher.dibblee@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
  • Corporal Croll (Constable Dibblee’s team leader) and Constable Dibblee presented information and answered questions
  • There has been a spike in break and enters in Fraser Heights – they were focused in certain areas – about 7 or 8 over the past month were reported.
  • If you see something suspicious, please call police right away. Until proven otherwise, men going door to door selling children’s books are possible suspects – if they come to your house, please call police immediately after they leave or while they are there and make sure you take one of their brochures to give to police. Remember – they may not be the culprits but need to be investigated because they were in the areas where the break-ins occurred. Let the police investigate.
  • In all or most of the break-ins, the back sliding door was the entry point – they have not done a lot of damage to get in and tend to lift the sliding doors out of the tracks. Remember to keep your doors locked. Put a piece of wood or metal in the track if you have a sliding door. If you see something out of place or suspicious looking (e.g., cars/people), please call police. Break-ins have mostly been during the afternoon or evening between 3 to 11 p.m. (they appear to have a similar profile so are possibly the same people for each B&E).
  • 4 break-ins on 157th (around 109th) – the 5th place to be targeted had its alarm go off.
  • The half-way house on 108th was relocated to a house in Port Coquitlam so these individuals are no longer in Fraser Heights
  • There were a few break-ins around 155/154 by 108, some around Arbutus Wynd/Chestnut Place, and a cluster around 169A Street and 104 A Ave.
  • Total break-ins for Fraser Hts that look like they can be attributed to the same suspects would be about 7 – they took mostly cash, foreign currency and jewelry (they didn’t take electronics)
  • Mail theft – a thief was arrested about 2 weeks ago and police recovered lots of mail from various municipalities – the thieves appear to steal people’s identities. Do not leave mail in your mailbox overnight – pick it up daily. If you note anything suspicious about the community mail boxes, contact CFIT (through the police dept).
  • Due to the increase of B&Es, there are more marked police cars and officers patrolling in FH. With this criminal activity, FH is on the list for priority responses for break-ins in FH (remember, they won’t come if you don’t phone in anything suspicious). There were several break-ins last week on Wednesday and Friday.
  • 102 Ave/168 St – there has been underage drinking, smashing bottles, vandalism, breaking trees and throwing bottles onto Highway#1 (10 p.m. to 4 a.m.) since the 168th overpass was opened. Surrey has funds for extra patrols on weekends to deal with this. Please call police if you encounter these situations.
  • 103 Ave/170 St – a boat was stolen from a resident’s driveway. A white pick-up truck had been seen driving around the area many times. The boat was eventually found at a drug house in Mission. Report suspicious vehicles.
  • Grow ops – ongoing pursuit of these – the police have a website that makes these houses public – they show a leaf on the map where these houses are so neighbours will know the locations. You can ask to be put through to the drug section when you phone the RCMP to report suspicious houses.
  • If you buy new electronics (or expensive items), don’t put those boxes in recycling as it is an advertisement to the thieves. Cut the boxes down, invert them or take them to a recycling depot. Record a list of what is in your house. Take digital photos of everything in your house and keep that information on a memory stick. This helps police recover your items – they will check Craig’s list, pawn shops etc. and will set up a “meet” with sellers they suspect.
  • Criminals tend to go after motion detectors – they unscrew lights around the backyard. The homes targeted were not secluded homes and they did not have back lanes. The thieves made sure no one was home and they targeted many of the houses during dinner time.
  • Speed of reporting is essential – this will give police the opportunity to block entries/exits to Fraser Heights so they can catch the criminal(s).
  • Suggestions to make it look like someone is home – put boots on porch by front door, leave lights, TV and/or music on, leave a car in the driveway, have neighbour park in the driveway or get a relative or friend to stay in the house if you will be away on vacation.
  • Alarms don’t make houses invincible as thieves can dismantle them.
  • There was a level of professionalism with these B&Es – the criminals seem to be doing their homework so it doesn’t appear to be high school students – there was a description of taller males in their 20s.
  • The police in other cities/municipalities of Metro Vancouver are checking for similarities between the crimes here and possible ones in their jurisdiction.
  • Not a lot of damage has been done by these criminals as they seem to be taking their time to get the doors off but there may be some damage to the door when they either break the lock or pry the door out of the track. Once inside, the thieves will riffle through the drawers etc. dumping things.
  • Keep a list of serial #s that are on the TVs etc. (engrave your driver’s licence # on the electronics – engravers can be bought at Canadian Tire)
  • Phone or email Constable Dibblee if you have any information on the criminals or the B&Es – he checks email and voice messages in the morning
  • It was suggested that a screecher alarm would be the best protection as it is piercing and hurts your ears. If you have an alarm with cameras – make sure the DVR is hidden or they will steal that. The cameras are worth a fortune and are often stolen.
  • Atop a light post on the south side of 108 Ave at 157 Street, there was a camera mounted this past week as part of a traffic study – statistics are being collected from this.
  • Traffic patrolling – there may be quite an increase over the weekend (watch your driving as they will be targeting that as well as the possible criminal activity).

Traffic Issues

  • The lane realignment on 156th Street on the north side of 104 Ave. has been completed – when you are heading south on 156th, there are now 3 lanes (one right turn onto 104 Ave. to head west, one straight through (heading south) and one left turn (eastbound).
  • A new pedestrian light was installed at 162 and 108th Street last week and will soon be put into operation.
  • The Port Mann project has been causing a lot of traffic in Fraser Heights – Kiewit said they need to keep progressing onward with the work to get the highway project completed – the schools have been phoning them about the traffic issues.
  • When 100th Avenue closed, the traffic had to find alternate routes to get to 104 Ave. The intersection of 170A Street and 104 Ave. has become a very dangerous spot. Traffic had been alternating during peak hours, adding to the congestion. There have been 2 accidents in the past week (the one this morning was very bad and looked like high speed was involved) and 2 pedestrians were hit fairly recently (one had very serious injuries). The crossing guard has had many incidents with cars ignoring him or narrowly missing him. Please notify Surrey’s traffic/engineering department about this intersection (or other local traffic issues that are not part of the PMH1 project by emailing Jamie Boan, Manager of Transportation, at jaboan@surrey.ca. Make sure to cc. the mayor and councillors in the email. Their email addresses are available on the City of Surrey website at www.surrey.ca
  • Parents of Pacific Academy students have had their access to PA via 100 Ave closed off so they have had to find alternate routes and are adding to the traffic congestion. Traffic throughout the area has significantly increased so drivers must be more vigilant to watch for children walking to school. Several times, drivers have stopped to let people go across the street and the driver behind them has driven around that driver who had stopped, thereby narrowly missing the pedestrian(s) crossing the street. There are often drivers passing other drivers on the hill at speeds way above the speed limit. The visibility is poor so it has become a serious issue for the residents of this area to safely cross 104th Avenue. 100th Ave is closed and is not slated to be opened again so this problem is not going to go away.
  • Note: Council is very receptive at this time of year due to the elections coming up on November 19, 2011 so be sure they also get a copy of your concerns. The more emails that are received concerning an issues, the more likely action will be taken. Emails from administrative staff at the schools holds a lot of weight.
  • TI Corp – they are the consultants for Kiewit (these are feeder roads for the Port Mann/Hwy#1 project (e.g., 176 Street intersections, 160th Street etc.) Emails concerning issues to do with the PMH1 project should be directed to Sheila Hui at shui@ticorp.ca
  • The 160th Street overpass date to open is dependent on weather so no date was known at this time. The 152nd overpass opened yesterday. Once the new 160th overpass opens, the old one will be dismantled so until all of this is done, there will be disruptions to traffic flow.
  • If residents would like to receive regular updates from the Port Mann Highway #1 project, they can email info@pmh1project.com or phone 1-866-999-7641 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting to ask to be put on the mailing list or they can visit the website at www.pmh1project.com or Twitter at www.twitter.com/portmannhwy1.
  • It was noted that there were no sidewalks along 104th between 176 and 168th. The side of the road is like a mine field – students and parents of young people have been seen struggling to walk or push buggies over this rough terrain. Sidewalks are needed here.
  • There was a question about homes that have too many cars parked in front of the neighbour’s houses. There seemed to be no bylaws for cars parking in Surrey. They can legally park in front of houses for any length of time. In many of the municipalities, there is a 3 hour limit for parking in front of houses during daylight hours. This needs to be taken up with the City of Surrey. There may be a restriction as to how many cars a house can park off their property if they have secondary suites – it would be worth pursuing this problem from the secondary suite angle.
  • Abbey Glen – there is a house running an auto wrecking yard from the home – every once and awhile they have been forced to clear it up (it is in the vicinity of 170 Street and 103rdAve).

Parks and Recreation

  • Dog off-leash parks – out of all the parks/areas suggested by Surrey Residents for the off-leash parks at the Open Houses, 12 parks made the short list. Of those parks, 6 will be chosen to become off-leash parks. Residents are encouraged to vote or fill in the questionnaire that is on the website (you only need to comment on the park in your area and not the parks throughout Surrey).
  • There were two parks chosen in Fraser Heights – the first was Fraser View Park that is on the north east corner of 160th Street and 112th Ave. This park is rarely used by residents and was said to be an ideal park to use as an off-leash park. Information on how this park would be transformed to become an off-leash park and a picture of the park are on the website: www.surrey.ca/dogparks If you want any further information, you can email Doug Merry at djmerry@surrey.ca or phone him at 604-598-5778.
  • The second site in or near Fraser Heights was the Port Mann Landfill area. This would be a destination park (like Tynehead Park is – meaning you’d have to drive there). It would not only have the off-leash areas but would have an agility training area where there would be culverts to crawl through, things to climb on and an area that would be like a slalom (dogs would wind in and out between poles). The problem with this site is it is not known when the land will be ready to use. Access, at this point in time would be via the #1 Highway or through an underpass under the #1 Hwy from Birdland.
  • Doug suggested that Fraser View Park would have the best chance of being developed. Please vote – the more people who vote, the better chance we’ll have of getting a dog-off leash park.

City Beautification Grant

  • The Fraser Heights Community Association has chosen to apply for a grant to put a sign at the intersection of 160th Street and 104th Ave. Surrey said we can put in a proposal of where we might want the sign and the City will get the ball rolling on the approval. FHCA is looking into the sign. The grant allotted for the project is around $3000 which may or may not cover the cost of a sign (we may have to raise more money for that). Location of sign may be on the north east side of 160th Street/104 Ave but it is not known what the road layout will be once new overpass opens up so the location decision will be made later.
  • It was suggested that the sign be made of a material resistant to vandalism, weather damage and possibly elevate it so vandals can’t reach it.
  • There are several community signs throughout Fraser Heights and most have been maintained by the neighbours living around them.

Development in Fraser Heights:

  • There are 2 lots at 10145 173 Street that have a proposal to divide them up into 12 small lots. If residents have concerns about this, they should contact Stephanie Long, City of Surrey, at 604-591-4753 and give her the File # 7911-0190-00. The proposal is at the early application stages to develop this land so residents now have the opportunity to voice their opinions. This proposal amends that area of the community from suburban to urban to allow for this development.

Member’s concerns

  • Some residents had been on the FHCA email list and no longer are – not sure what happened. Mail chimp is now being used so if an email bounces back to FHCA, it drops that person off the list. Let FHCA know if you’ve been dropped off the list or if you want to be added to the list to receive emails. You can subscribe on the website. There are currently about 400 subscribers on the email list – emails are usually only sent when an important issue arises or just prior to meeting dates.
  • Dave Hayer, our MLA, is now a resident of Fraser Heights. He is interested in our community and its issues.
  • Several Surrey Civic Coalition candidates came to the meeting and introduced themselves. The FHCA is non-partisan but we do like to support those who work with us. The candidates were: Rina Gill (she ran in 2008), Sukhy Dhillon (her pet project was collecting books and sending them to Nigeria), Steve Wood, Gary Robinson, and Ijaz Ahmed Chatha.
  • One resident stated that he carefully looked at his Property Tax bill and found a charge for a secondary suite. It is up to the homeowner to prove that there is no secondary suite as many of the new houses have completely finished basements and may be billed. The extra charge for a suite is about $200 to $300. Another resident stated that it is cheaper to have your water metered if there are few people living in your house as it reduces both the water and sewer utility bills.
  • Residents said there was an Increase in train horns during night. Langley has a bylaw for the train noises. You can phone the train yard about the noise. Some train engineers give a little toot while others lay on the horns. Whistles should not go off during midnight to 6 a.m. – individual trains make a decision to toot horns. Dave Hayer has info on this. It is possible to get silent crossings – must apply for them but there is a liability issue – so if someone gets creamed, it states who is responsible.
  • Surrey Bend Park – plan to develop it – Gary Robinson was involved in this proposal – It was under a 10 year plan and plan is coming into focus. Work has started on it.

Next Meeting will be Wednesday November 30 , 2011 at 7 p.m. in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School.

The meeting schedule for the 2011/2012 year will be:
Wed Nov 30, 2011
Thurs Feb 2, 2012
Wed May 2, 2012


Minutes – FHCA Meeting May 26 2011

President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • This is the last meeting for the 2010/11 school year
  • Next year (2011/12), the school will charge $60 for non-profit organizations to use the school for meetings so we may decrease the number of meetings from 5 down to 4 meetings per year – possibly Sept, Nov, Feb, May
  • Communication via email / website would help if there are pressing issues that need to be addressed between meeting dates

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement – total account balance is $4799.56

Gateway – changes at 156th St & 176th St.

  • Changes at 160th Street – if coming north on 160th Street, you will have to turn right onto a cloverleaf to get onto #1 Hwy westbound – this should open around June 3rd, weather permitting
  • Those heading to #1 westbound while driving west on 104th Ave will have to merge onto the cloverleaf just before 160th Street. The onramp just west of the 160/104 light will be closed (date for closure not published yet)

Police and safety update – Constable Dibblee

  • Constable Dibblee can be reached at: 604-839-6971, 778-593-3559 or at christopher.dibblee@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
  • Please report any vandalism/theft or other criminal activities to the police so they can keep track of the problem areas. If you do not report it, the police will have no knowledge about these criminal activities.
  • Be advised that a sex offender was released on bail and is living in the Fraser Heights area. The elementary schools have sent out information to parents of the students at each of the schools. If you see, hear or are involved in any incidents regarding this individual, please contact the police.
  • The recovery house on 108 Ave is not registered as a Half-way house so it is not under the jurisdiction of the City. This house is non-regulated and rented out to those recovering from drug/alcohol addiction, ex-cons and/or out on bail or on probation. It is run by an organization called Vision Quest (they also run other similar houses in the City). Residents living near this house have reported that there has been an increase in the number of cars and houses being broken into in that area. Again, please report any incidents or suspicious activity, no matter how minor, to the police so they can keep track of this.


176th St Development Update (east of 176th Street/north of Hwy #1) – (proposed: 67 unit apartment building, 85 townhouse units)

  • May 9th – a letter was sent to community association about this development
  • Originally, this property was approved to build 841 units within 6 buildings. The new proposal is down to 5 buildings with a total of 596 units for the entire project
  • Phase 1 is now going to be a 71 unit apartment bldg and a complex with 80 townhouses. This project is awaiting final approval from the City. It goes for the final reading/approval on May 30th or June 13th
  • The developers want to start building as soon as these final changes have received approval
  • There was concern about the proposed wooden structure buildings. As far as it is known, they will still be wood structure buildings.
  • There is no commercial component proposed in this first phase
  • This letter (or link to it) will be put on the FHCA website

Rec Centre expansion update

  • There has been no update on the completion date of the addition to the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre so as it stands, it should be completed by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

Beautification grants through the City of Surrey

  • The City of Surrey provides grants to groups in Surrey to help beautify various areas of Surrey. The groups would have to provide the labour and the City will provide grants of around $3000 toward the project. Suggestions were called for – Ideas suggested were wraps to put around the hydro boxes to reduce graffiti, flower pots on lamp posts, tree/flower plantings or a monument in combination with vegetation (flowers/shrubs) at the entrance to Fraser Heights (on 160th) to give a “name” to our community. Most of those attending liked the last idea of a welcoming sign to Fraser Heights so people would know that is the name of our community. Please let the FHCA know if you would be interested in helping with this project.

Member’s concerns

  • Hannah, a new resident to the Fraser Heights Community, is looking for space to offer free English language classes as well as classes to teach computer skills to new immigrants who speak little English. She currently is teaching through a non-profit organization.
  • There have been a number of open houses around Surrey in regards to dog off-leash parks. Residents were given felt pens and were asked to mark on the maps where they felt would be good places to have these off-leash parks. They were also asked to fill out a survey to answer various questions about dog off-leash parks. Most residents who attended did not like the idea of having to drive their dogs in a car to a park so they could run their dogs off leash – a big part of dog walking is the social aspect – meet others out walking. Several areas in Fraser Heights were identified. The City will be making choices from all identified areas in Surrey. If you would like to fill out the survey, go to: http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/2254.aspx. Part way down the page, after the dates (that have all passed) for the open houses, the website allows you to fill out the survey online if you click “survey”. This is where you will find the survey link on that site: “If you are unable to attend any of the open houses but would like to provide comment please fill out this survey!

    Please contact parksrecculture@surrey.ca or call 604-501-5050 if you have any questions or would like more information.”

  • One resident mentioned that he had heard about a program the City of Surrey had where they provided funds to community associations for events/parties etc. that involve the community. FHCA will look into this.
  • The Pedestrian / bike overpass now has had the last piece of the bridge installed. Opening date was not known at this time. On the south side of the overpass and the east side of 168th Street, a 5 kilometre circuitous route has been created for pedestrians and cyclists.


Next Meeting will be in Sept, 2011 (date to be announced when known) in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School.


Surrey Rapid Transit Study Update

Please note that Translink will be holding public consultation on the preliminary designs and evaluation of the alternatives for expanding rapid transit for Surrey and surrounding communities that were first presented to the public in October 2010.

You can see the alternatives and sign up for an online webinar at this Surrey Rapid Transit website.

Fleetwood-Port Kells All Candidates Meeting

There will be an all candidates meeting for the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding sponsored by the Northwood United and Fleetwood Christian Reformed Churches.

Date: Apr 25 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church
9165 160th Street Surrey

Please note that this will likely be the only all candidates meeting this election. Thanks to the two churches for putting this on.

The FHCA contacted the campaign offices of the three candidates and asked them to provide a brief summary explaining who they are and why voters in our community should vote for them. The Liberal and NDP offices provided responses – the Conservative office did not. We include the responses of Pam Dhanoa (Liberal) and Nao Fernando (NDP) below as well as the contact information for all candidates including Nina Grewal, the Conservative incumbent, and Alex Joehl, the Libertarian candidate. The Libertarian candidate was not contacted for the simple reason that we were not aware of his candidacy at the time. Sorry Alex and Libertarians. The Green Party candidate withdrew from the race.

Pam Dhanoa (Liberal)

This election provides the voters of Fleetwood – Port Kells with a clear choice between a Liberal vision of Canada that favours healthcare, education, and support for families, or a Conservative vision that favours prisons, F-35 fighter jets, and tax cuts for big corporations.

I’m a mother who has raised two sons in this community and know the challenges that families face. My husband Andy and I faced the same challenges ourselves and now that the boys are in University I feel it is time for me to give back to the community.

The Liberal Party represents my kind of vision of Canada. A tolerant,
caring, inclusive Canada that seeks to bring out the best in people, not a negative and divisive vision that seeks to protect us from the worst in people.

The Liberal Party platform is one that addresses the concerns and challenges of middle class Canadians in a positive, constructive, and pragmatic way.

The Liberal Family Pack includes;
The Learning Passport and the Canadian Learning Strategy that will

  • provide up to $6,000 per student for post secondary education and will fund affordable, high-quality childcare and learning spaces
  • Family Care and Health care that will help families caring for loved ones in their home and which guarantees 6% per year increases in Federal contributions to provincial health care programs
  • A stronger public pension system for working Canadians that will expand the CPP, enhance the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and offer a secure retirement option that will allow workers to voluntarily contribute to a pension savings plan.

The Liberal platform also includes measures to protect the environment, strengthen democracy and to achieve Canada’s full potential in the world.

In these difficult economic times we should remember that it was the
Liberals under jean Chretien and Paul Martin who balance the books and who left Stephen Harper with a $13 billion dollar surplus. In the last five years, the Conservatives have turned that surplus into a multi-billion dollar deficit.

Please take the time to review the platform at Liberal .ca.

Thank you.

Pam Dhanoa

Contact Info:
Office: 118 – 15299 68th Ave, Surrey
Phone: 604-572-3682
Website: www.liberal.ca/candidates/pam-dhanoa


Nao Fernando (NDP)

In 1998 the Government of British Columbia, through an Order in Council, appointed Nao as a Lay Bencher of the Law Society of BC, an organization which regulates the conduct of over 10,000 lawyers in the province. In 2006 Nao worked with the Barnston Island Preservation Society and spoke out to ensure that Barnston Island remained in the Agricultural Land Reserve. His opposition was critical to stopping developers from moving forward on applications to create industrial and commercial properties on the island.

Nao currently works as Employment Relations Officer for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, a union of 57,000 members working as engineers, research scientists, nuclear physicists, doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals for the federal government. Nao, Deanna and their two sons have been living in Fraser Heights in the Riding of Fleetwood Port Kells since June, 1990.

Jack Layton and I want to:

  • introduce legislation securing workplace pensions by moving unfunded pension liabilities to the top of the creditor’s list, not banks
  • develop a plan to double the Canada Pension Plan over the next decade
  • increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement to lift 300 000 seniors out of poverty and assist them with medications and essentials
  • fully fund and ensure the GIS and Old Age Security are keeping up with the cost of living

New Democrats want to develop bulk buying and stop extending patent protection so that we may hold off on the exponential growth in medication costs that seniors are now grappling with.

Jack Layton and the New Democrats have developed the Quality Home Care Plan

  • to provide 100,000 additional Canadian families access to basic home
  • care
  • to increase support for aids to independent living by doubling the forgivable loan available under the existing Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence (HASI) program – from $3,500 to $7,000, providing assistance to up to 10,570 individuals and families per year.

Please take the time to read our full platform on the web, at NDP.ca, and check out my web page at Naofernando.ca.

Thank you for your time and I ask for your support on May 2.

Sincerely, Nao Fernando

Contact Info:
Office: 305 – 15988 Fraser Highway, Surrey
Phone: 604-597-1714
Website: naofernando.ndp.ca

Nina Grewal (Conservative)

Contact Info:
Office: 103 – 15925 Fraser Highway, Surrey
Phone: 604-581-3386
Website: www.ninagrewal.ca

Alex Joehl (Libertarian)

Contact Info:
Phone: 778 862-4605
Website: www.libertarian.ca