FHCA Public Meeting – Sep 18th 7:00 PM

The Fraser Heights Community Association will be having its next general meeting this coming Wednesday.

Date:    Sep 18 2019
Time:    7:00 PM
Place:   Fraser Heights Secondary School Auditorium

Agenda (subject to change):

  • Opening remarks
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Safety & Police report, Sgt. Mike Spencer
    1. Comments on shooting in Fraser Heights
  • Rogers Communication Towers – 157 St & 110 Ave
    1. Report & Discussion
  • MLA Constituency report – Amna Shah
  • Candidate(s) for the federal election in Fleetwood-Port Kells
  • Traffic – upgrades on Golden Ears connector
  • Development – 42 townhouses (17494, 17502, 17524 110 Ave) – Public Hearing expected in October
  • Member’s concerns
  • Announcements

Please bring a cash contribution to support your community association.  Your generosity will be much appreciated.

Let your neighbours who might not already be members of the association know about the meeting. All residents of Fraser Heights are welcome.

Fraser Heights Wireless Poles Public Consultation

Following is a public notification from Rogers Communications Inc. about their proposal to replace two light poles with 15 metres light pole/antennas.

Purpose of the Notice

This notification package is an invitation to the public to provide comments regarding two proposed light pole replacements / wireless communication facilities to be located near the intersection of 157 Street and 110 Avenue in Surrey, BC at the coordinates: Pole 1: 49.202466° N, 122.786783° W, Pole 2: 49.202596° N, 122.786922° W


Rogers Communications Inc. (“Rogers”) strives to improve coverage and network quality to remain the leading wireless provider in Canada. Rogers has become aware of the need to improve services in areas of Surrey. The proposed location will achieve the necessary coverage objectives for our network and improve services to the surrounding community.

Rogers is proposing a wireless installation which consists of two light pole replacements with taller light poles inclusive of wireless equipment on the top of the pole with the existing light fixture attached at the same height. Once completed the antenna systems will measure 15.0 metres in height. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), formerly Industry Canada, is responsible for the approval of this antenna system and requires Rogers to consult with the nearby public and local municipality.

The antenna systems will be located here:


Thefts in Fraser Heights

The Fraser Heights Community Association will be having a special general meeting this coming Tuesday.

Date:    Tuesday, July 9 2018
Time:    7:00 PM
Place:   Fraser Heights Recreation Center, Multi-purpose room #3

Agenda (subject to change):

Thieves are at work in our community!

There have been a significant number of thefts from vehicles in Fraser Heights recently. From June 1 – 17 alone, there were 16 reported thefts from vehicles in Fraser Heights. Sergeant Mike Spencer of the RCMP (our Community Association Liason Officer) will be attending this meeting to speak on this issue.

Please send any questions that may require research in advance to directors@fhca.ca so that they can be addressed at the meeting.

See you at the meeting!

Please let your neighbours who might not already be members of the association know about the meeting. All residents of Fraser Heights are welcome.

Increase in theft, and theft from auto

Response from Sgt Mike Spencer from the RCMP on theft from auto:
Hi Ed,
Thanks for your email.  I am aware of the recent spike in the TFA (Theft From Auto) files that have occurred in the Fraser Heights area.   Over the past 7 days there have been 7 reported incidents – although 5 of those incidents happened on the same date.
I can also tell you the following:
  • 6 of the 7 incidents were involving vehicles that had been left insecure (not locked).
  • the one locked vehicle had TWO windows smashed (particularly odd that it was two if the motive was to simply commit a TFA) and the only thing stolen from this vehicle was the garage door opener.
  • of the 6 vehicles left unlocked, 5 of them either had nothing stolen, or loose change (coins) stolen from the car.
  • the 6th vehicle had a power tool stolen from it.
  • video surveillance was obtained from 3 different victims
  • video showed that at least two subjects, who appeared to be male, were walking through these neighbourhoods checking vehicle door handles on the street and in driveways.
  • video showed that whenever the suspect(s) came across a locked vehicle, they peered into the car through the window, and then moved on to the next vehicle / driveway.
  • although much of the video was of very high quality, the darkness outside did not allow for a clear image of the suspect’s face, making it virtually impossible to identify him/her/them.

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Proposed bus route through Fraser Heights



As you are aware, Translink is undertaking a review of the services provided, & new services to be added.

In this review, they are proposing Route 338 be added to Fraser Heights. While any additional transit options are welcome,we believe this is our opportunity to engage Translink in a conversation with our Community to suggest that additional services are needed. We have drawn on the map below 1) suggested rerouting of 337; 2) a suggested routing for 338; & 3) a rerouting of 501 to travel through Fraser Heights.

Please take the opportunity to send your opinions to Translink at the following address:


Please cc your Association at: directors@fhca.ca


For your information, Route 501 currently travels along 104 Ave eastbound & enters Hwy 1 at the 160 St on ramp. It exits at 176 St, travels along Golden Ears way to the 96 Ave connector. It then travels 96 Ave & into Langley City Centre.

We would propose it travel through Fraser Heights as set out on the map below. It would intersect it’s current route at Barnston Drive & 96 Ave. This would be a tremendous benefit to residents of Fraser Heights travelling East. It would return West on the same Route.

Surrey Election residential meeting

What: 2018 Surrey Election residential meeting

When: Tuesday, October 16, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (please arrive by 6:50 pm)

Where: Fraser Heights Recreation Center, Room #3, 10588 160 St, Surrey

All candidates with contact information on the 2018 Surrey election website have been invited, with over 20 candidates  confirmed that they will be at this meeting for a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to ask candidates where they stand on issues important to you so that you know how to vote.