RCMP Fraser Heights update

Hello Fraser Heights Residents,

I hope everyone is keeping safe during this long period of challenge and uncertainty. I wanted to reach out and provide a brief update on the recent property crime statistics for your community. I am pleased to report that property crime levels continue to remain at the low end of what has historically been seen for Fraser Heights. For the time Period of February 5 to April 22 there have been 0 reports of break and enters to businesses, 1 report of a break and enter to a residence,  and 2 reports of a break and enter to another building. Auto crime also remains low for the same period with 3 reports of theft of a motor vehicle and 8 reports of theft from a motor vehicle. There have been 0 reports of bike theft.

I also wanted to promote our 2020 report to the community which is available from the Surrey RCMP webpage. The report briefly outlines the operations of the detachment, some of the programs that we are involved in, and presents overall crime statistics for the City. Or you can follow the below link to the report:


As always, I am available to discuss any ongoing concerns happening in your community and I encourage reporting of all specific incidents as they occur to our non-emergency line or 911 depending on the situation and circumstances.

Take care and stay safe,



Community Response Unit

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

Surrey RCMP / Government of Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tel: 604-507-5977


Serg. Tyler WICKWARE

Groupe d’Intervention Communautaire

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

GRC de Surrey / Government du Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tél: 604-507-5977