Update on meeting schedule and clearing sightlines

Update from the Fraser Heights Community Association

Covid-19 has obviously impacted our ability to get together to share neighbourhood news. The Association executive is continuing to be extremely active, in particular in providing input to the City on planning applications and how we can keep the look and feel of Fraser Heights intact. In addition, the membership can continue to expect to see regular mail updates from the RCMP on safety in Fraser Heights, as we did most recently in August and December; and updates on notable activities that affect our community, such as the Surrey Transportation Plan last October or the Transmountain Pipeline update last July.

More recently, we have had many inquiries recently on visual obstructions – hedges, trees, fallen brush – on road sightlines. The best way to handle these issues is to put a request in at the City of Surrey through the City web site. To do that, take the following steps:

1) go to the City web page at surrey.ca

2) Click on “Online Services” on the top menu.

3) The first box listed should be “Report a Problem”. Click on “Household and Property” in that box.

4) You will now have the opportunity to sign up for a MySurrey account (recommended, because you can then keep track of any requests for service). If you don’t want to sign up for an account, there is a box to continue as a Guest.

5) The first box is “What Problem Are You Reporting?” – you can put keywords there, for example “trimming” if you would like a hedge or tree trimmed. The category that best describes the request will appear; in this case, you will see “Tree Trimming” or “Other”. Click on the best category.

6) A map appears where you can zoom in and click to identify the location, then click next at the bottom of the page.

7) Enter any additional relevant information, including the ability to upload photos to describe the problem, click next.

8) Enter your contact information and click “Submit”.

No in-person FHCA meeting is expected to be scheduled at the Fraser Heights Secondary School until at least June, and more likely it will be the fall or later. We will send out an email notice well in advance, or you can always keep up to date on the next meeting through the FHCA web site at fhca.ca.

Stay safe!