Hawthorne Park – council meeting

From SaveSurreyParks:

Save Hawthorne Park – Final Stage of the Campaign~please stand with us Monday, Oct. 23rd!

The City of Surrey is planning to put a two-lane road through Hawthorne Park, located in North Surrey. This road will destroy a very sensitive ecological area and change the nature of the park forever. The road is being built to support LRT and to provide convenient vehicle access for several prime lots that are waiting to be developed.

We submitted over 5,000 petition signatures on July 24th to the council, and we then submitted over 13,000 Elector Response Form (ERF) signatures on September 22nd.

At this point the council has not changed their minds and is planning to start construction on the road in January 2018. We need you to stand with the community to protect Hawthorne Park.

This battle is not just about this park but all of our parks. If Hawthorne Parks falls then it is so much easier for the city council to go after the rest of the parks using the same process.

The council will be deciding Hawthorne Park’s fate at an upcoming council meeting, and we are asking you to attend to show your support for all our parks.

Can you please share this info to those on your mailing list? Thank-you for any help you can give.

Date: Monday, October 23rd
Time: Arrive at 6:30 pm to get ready (council meeting starts at 7:00 pm)
Location: Surrey City Hall 13450 – 104th Avenue

Please join us on Facebook – “Save Hawthorne Park” https://www.facebook.com/groups/443005682741874/

For more info: https://savesurreyparks.ca/