November 12, 2014

President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • Lindsay Ryerson, President
  • FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community
  • The FHCA gathers four times a year to discuss issues that affect our community
  • FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community
  • If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the fhca.ca website).  This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
  • If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up.  You will receive four notifications and four reminders of the upcoming meetings per year.

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement – total account balance is $3,968.84

RCMP update on safety – District Commander/ Sergeant Paul Reshaur – he can be reached at paul.reshaur@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

  • If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of them so police can’t track the criminals/hot spots of activity.  Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem.  You can also make reports using the new Surrey app called Surrey Request for emergency and non-emergency issues.  This app has a link to the RCMP emergency and non-emergency numbers.
  • Three representatives from the RCMP came to our meeting – Heather Paradis, our crime prevention coordinator (heather.paradis@rcmp-grc.gc.ca), Corporal Bryan Tepper (bryan.tepper@rcmp-grc.gc.ca) (who fills in for Sargent Paul Reshaur) and Corporal Jaz Bedi (jaz.bedi@rcmp-grc.gc.ca)
  • Bryan said residential and commercial B & Es are down in numbers in FH
  • Methods of reporting criminal activity – call the RCMP  emergency or non-emergency line/office, online, texting for hearing impaired, phone app – Surrey Request
  • Report any lamp standards that have the plates missing, thieves take the plate off and come back another time to remove the wire inside
  • Heather provided us with tips for winter time:

a)     Keep your house lit if you are going away and put the radio on.

b)     Pedestrians – wear lighter colours and reflective tape/jacket when walking

c)      While driving, watch for pedestrians as they can be hard to see

d)     When at an intersection, make eye contact with driver/pedestrian

e)      Household – keep lights on outside or use a motion sensor – make sure the lights are up high so they can’t be unscrewed – handouts about lighting available from RCMP

f)        When you go shopping, don’t leave parcels in your vehicle or don’t put items in your car and go back into the stores – people are watching you.  If you have to put parcels in your car, put them in the trunk when no one is watching or move your car to another spot.  Don’t leave valuables in vehicles (even suction cup on window)

g)     Bring your car insurance papers in at night time so others can’t get your personal info. You can photocopy your insurance papers with the pertinent info blacked out and keep original copy in the trunk.

  • “The Club”s are being offered to vehicles older than 2000 – they will be available at Guildford Mall on Nov 29 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (as supplies last) or you can go to the RCMP office
  • Trim hedges around your house so they are not overgrown and there is a good site line to the neighbours’ houses
  • Mail theft –clear your boxes daily.  Switch to electronic mail for financial information such as bank statements etc.
  • You can get Canada Post to hold your mail, for a small fee, when you go on holidays
  • There is a group home along 100th Ave for mentally challenged people – this is a City issue and they have rules as to how many can dwell in the house
  • Grow ops – this has been an ongoing problem – fire inspections help shut them down


  • New shopping mall will be built at 156 St and 104 Ave (North/East corner).  Access to and from the mall will be from 156 St and 104 Ave
  • The City has approved the zoning of this so construction could start at any time
  • Project by Overwaitea food group (Jim Pattison group, which also owns Nesters)- they will have the main anchor store but the other businesses have not yet been identified
  • There will be an inside court – above ground parking – about 30% of the parking.  The other 70% of the parking will be off 105 Ave and will be underground
  • There will be 6 bus spots for layovers – eventually, this should tie in with future transit
  • This plaza is to serve Fraser Heights and mixed high density along 104 Ave
  • The creek to the north of the area will be turned into a park along the creek and benches and bushes will be installed
  • Trucks will use 157 Street to unload and service the businesses in this complex
  • Developer must install a traffic light at 157 Street and 104 Ave – this would allow students to cross to Harold Bishop and vehicles to exit heading eastbound on 104 Ave
  • This plaza is zoned as commercial C8 which can allow a liquor store but since there cannot be 2 liquor stores within a kilometre of each other, the one at Guildford may be within that Km and so one cannot be built
  • The 337 bus stop at 156 St will remain but there will be room for more buses.
  • No traffic predictions have been made so it is not known how this might affect FH traffic heading into and out of FH
  • Entrances:  104 Ave – right in and right out (heading west on 104),   156 – right in right out (if heading north on 156) and left in (if heading south on 156)
  • Largest store is approx. 40,000 – about 4 times the size of Nesters.  Second building will be about 20,000
  • There will be entrances from the interior parking lot as well as from 156 St and 104 Ave
  • If you have concerns, send them to the Overwaitea group at 19855 – 92A Ave, Langley, B.C. V1M 3B6, phone 604-888-1213 or email customer_service@owfg.com
  • 154 St/104 Ave – the Pattison group owns this land and there will be high density condos and apartments once plaza goes in (in area of Bianca’s Liquidation Store)

Traffic issues:

  • Underpass from 110 Ave under part of Hwy 1 then over the main part of Hwy 1 to 152nd Street – this is slated for potential closure due to maintenance costs for lights being smashed and graffiti on walls.  If you use this walkway regularly, email Douglas McLeod at City of Surrey at transportation@surrey.ca .  If you don’t email/phone, this underpass may be permanently closed.
  • Translink Faresaver tickets/passes will be sold at Rexall (108 Ave/160 St) in the very near future.
  • Request for an extension of the 337 bus service to go down 104 Ave and do a loop by new development at Barnston/176 was denied as it was stated the population density was not high enough to warrant this extension
  • The paved weigh scale pull out on Hwy 1 will be used for a mobile weigh station that will be brought in periodically
  • Light rail vs Skytrain – There has been a slight preference for LRT which would come to 104 Ave/156 St.  If Skytrain was built, it would only go down Fraser Hwy from the existing line and would not really benefit FH residents
  • Traffic light or roundabout or 4 way stop at 156 Street/108 Ave – Please attend an Open House information session at Fraser Heights Recreation Centre on Monday Nov 24 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be a presentation at 6:45 p.m.  The City is looking for residents’ feedback in regards to that intersection

Members Concerns/Announcements:

  • Whistle cessation in FH – this has been a difficult issue to deal with, especially to get statistics from CN e.g., number of trains going through, weight of trains etc.  Number of whistles at crossings and reduction of noise in the yards between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. has been requested but no action has been seen yet.
  • 176 St and 104 Ave – cannot turn right on red light (get ticketed if do that).  That was a new change so it will probably not change in the near future.  Could be potential accident with trucks as they are coming at 70 or 80 kph so would take them longer to stop.  Those heading south on Hwy 17 may be at high speed while traveling through the intersection.  Request was for a right turn light when those heading north on 176/17 have the advanced green light for their left turn.
  • 160 St overpass heading south then turning right when people want to go to Guildford – there is only one lane to turn left onto 104 Ave as the other lane is for buses and those going onto the freeway eastbound.  Residents complained they had to sit through several lights to get through this intersection.  They were advised to write to Surrey transportation@surrey.ca .  Please email your comments as the City does take notice of these complaints.  Include your name, phone number and address.  A written record lasts longer than a phone call.
  • The pond at 104 Ave and Fraser Glen is being destroyed by a beaver/beavers – the pond has been designated a natural area and the beaver arrived there with the Hwy 1 expansion.  If the beaver is relocated, it will come back as they are very smart.  Since this is a natural area, the City won’t do anything about it.
  • 104 Ave was widened at168 St, at Glenwood Crescent and at 160 Street.  With the new construction of houses at 104 Ave/164 St, 104 may also be widened there
  • By Calvary Church, there is a lot of land, but the street has not been widened


Next Meeting will be Thursday, February 12, 2015 in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School at 7 p.m.