Minutes, September 18, 2014 meeting


September 18, 2014

President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • Lindsay Ryerson, President
  • FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community
  • The FHCA gathers four times a year to discuss issues that affect our community
  • FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community
  • If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the fhca.ca website).  This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
  • If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up.  You will receive four notifications and four reminders of the upcoming meetings per year.

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement – total account balance is $4,330.28

RCMP update on safety – District Commander/ Sergeant Paul Reshaur (he can be reached at paul.reshaur@rcmp-grc.gc.ca)

  • If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of them so police can’t track the criminals/hot spots of activity.  Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem.  You can also make reports using the new Surrey app called Surrey Request for emergency and non-emergency issues.  This app has a link to the RCMP emergency and non-emergency numbers.
  • The Community Constable program – these officers are not armed at present – they deal with community issues, crime prevention, residential problems – grow ops/crack shacks etc.
  • Heather Paradis is our new crime prevention coordinator.  She is Marlene Drozda’s replacement.  You can contact her at heather.paradis@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
  • Corporal Bryan Tepper (bryan.tepper@rcmp-grc.gc.ca) fills in for Seargent Paul Reshaur
  • SFPR – there were 76 accidents at 96 Ave and 176 St last year (reasons may be due to the hill, different speeds on each of those roads and the fact that there are lots of lanes).  There were no stats available yet on accidents on the SFPR portion that runs through Fraser Heights – it has only been open since Dec 2013
  • ICBC contact Karen Klein – contact her at karen.klein@icbc.com
  • Theft from auto – this is often not reported.  Please note, even small incidents need to be reported so police can track where crime is being committed and look for patterns.
  • Speeding – The City of Surrey has bought more speed reading boards and there is a volunteer Speed Watch group that sets these up around the City to monitor speed.
  • Neighbourhood liaison now has a licence plate reader that will notify the car owner/driver if there are issues with the car/driver/uninsured drivers etc.
  • Observe it Report itPlease make a police report even for minor things such as someone is wandering around your neighbourhood and they don’t look like they belong.  Police would rather look into this than find out later that the person broke into several cars/houses.
  • Police collect this data and it can help pinpoint the hotspot areas and target them.  You can text or call 911 if important or call the non-emergency number (listed above).  There’s also a link to both numbers on the Surrey app – Surrey Request)
  • Crime in the FH area can be viewed on the RCMP web site.  These stats are publically available to district 2 (Guildford area).
  • FH is not a crime hotspot for Surrey as it is mostly residential, there is not a lot of transportation, it is isolated and people coming here usually come for a reason
  • Robberies – There were 3 in July to Aug and 3 from Jan to June.  Unreported robberies cannot be counted in these stats (please report even minor incidences)
  • Disturbances – maybe a dozen for last few months
  • Drug offences – 2 for summer months
  • There were 4 break and enters in the commercial area of 108 Ave/160 St during Jul/Aug (they occurred after hours)
  • There was a cluster of residential break and enters in the area of 160 to 164 Streets and 112 to 104 Aves.  The Red Alert gang from Winnipeg have done a lot of them – mostly aboriginal males.  They watch houses and when they see you pulling out of your driveway, they might go up and ring your doorbell.  If no one is home, they will attempt to break in through your rear sliding door or a rear window (often unlocked windows or doors, especially in the summer).  Best recourse is to make sure your windows/doors are locked – use metal bars or wood dowels in track.  Leave your lights on outside your house.
  • Have a motion sensor light installed.  They are good if they are installed in high places so they can’t be reached to unscrew them.
  • The Red Alert has targeted certain ethnic groups who keep jewelry/cash at home.
  • A number of new crime analysts have been hired to find patterns and MOs.
  • Robberies usually occurred in the late afternoon on weekdays (4 till 8 pm)
  • If your vehicle is broken into, your garage opener can be used to gain access to your house.  Make sure your garage door to your house is locked.
  • In one area, residents reported several thefts on a Sunday early morning (about 4 a.m.) – plastic flower pots, lawn furniture etc.   One car was broken into twice on a weekend
  • Watch for people on foot casing your neighbourhood.  They often come with backpacks and check house and car door handles and take items that are loose in the cars (such as chargers, holders for iPods etc.)
  • Theft from auto has been a scourge all over the City this year (cluster in Tynehead Park – 12 in last 2 months).  Don’t leave any valuables in car (even minor change), GPS – don’t leave your holder on the car window, wipe off the suction cup  mark, leave your glove box open, windows up, park your vehicles in the garage.  If they are parked on the street, park under street lights and lock your doors.  Nine out of ten times, the thieves are addicts looking for drugs/money.   ICBC hands out clubs to older vehicles that are the most targeted by thieves
  • FH population is about 25,000.  The total population for District 2 is around 100,000
  • There is a Website that all police officers can go to – if they have video surveillance from a crime, they’ll post that info on the site.
  • There is a bait car parked at Guildford
  • Commissionaires – community safety patrols start patrolling tonight (Sept 18/14)
  • If there are problem residences in your area, call as the City/RCMP will work with bylaws, fire dept etc. to shut them down.

Mailbox break-ins:

  • Please clear your mail from your box every day when you come home.  The break-ins usually occur during the night.  When the boxes have had the bait mail planted, it was found that many boxes had days or weeks’ worth of mail that hadn’t been picked up.
  • Mail thefts – Canada Post deals with this – postal inspectors keep track of where thefts are happening (big cluster last month NE of 104 Ave/168 St (Community Super boxes).  New boxes being installed in areas where break-ins have been occurring.  Make sure you clean out your mail daily.  Please let RCMP know if people hanging around boxes or if there are unmarked vans near the mail boxes.  Report those licence plate numbers to the RCMP so they can check to see why the person is there.
  • Rather than use the mail for banking, do as much of that as possible electronically so thieves can’t steal that information.
  • Security access line for Canada Post – call  1-855-229-6025 (also call RCMP)

Update on final Trans Mountain Pipeline routing through Fraser Heights (released August 2014)

  • If you are concerned, and this will affect you negatively, band together with neighbours and send your emails to info@transmountain.com
  • Area along 181 St east of 176 St (pipeline will run through a Surrey Park))
  • 158 St to 168 St – pipeline runs along the bank down to the SFPR, will be close to residences in this area.
  • A swath of about 10 meters needs to be cleared over pipeline so trees that have provided noise mitigation may have to be removed.  Trans Mountain is looking at how to remove as few trees as possible.
  • The pipeline will rise to top of bank between 164 to 157A Street.  Along 181 St, it will run along the top of a Surrey Bike path – tree removal will cause loss of noise mitigation for road and trains
  • Trans Mountain is willing to look into mitigating the noise for residents
  • Wildlife habitat  – Trans Mountain has responded to information requests about the environmental impact (will run through Surrey Bend)
  • The pipeline runs very close to the Fraser River and Trans Mountain is dealing with mitigation of possible spills that could leach into river and how shock and vibration from the railroad will affect the pipeline

Links – https://docs.neb-one.gc.ca/ll-eng/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objId=2450830&objAction=browse&viewType=1

  • The pipeline will be sending different types of oil through in batches and a cleanser between these batches.

Traffic issues:

  • Express 555 bus from Carvolth Exchange Station in Langley to Braid Station in New Westminster is now stopping in Fraser Heights (there are bus shelters/stops on the HOV ramps to the #1 Hwy off 156 St.  Reports have been received that the bus comes full from Langley so during rush hour, it isn’t servicing Surrey – people are waiting to get on that bus – Translink is working on putting extra buses on this route so instead of every 10 minutes, it could run every 7.5 minutes
  • Local impact – are people parking on residential streets as a “park and ride” (count was done before stops were put in and this situation will be monitored to see if becomes a problem)
  • Roundabout at 156 St and 108 Ave vs Traffic light – Engineering wants more public input about this intersection.  They will be talking to PAC at Dogwood once school is back in session.  If you use this intersection and want to give your opinion and reasons for or against either traffic light or roundabout or contact transportation@surrey.ca,
  • Better signage has been requested for the 160th overpass in regards to #1 Hwy and 104 access
  • 104/ 170A (pedestrian crosswalk) – cars don’t stop for it.  There was a full survey to the blocks on either side of the crosswalk about 4 months ago – no further discussion – for continuing issues with this intersection (e.g., a request for a stop light / roundabout), please email the city – the more emails they get about the same situation, they will take notice of that site and it is more likely there will be action
  • Highway 15 (176 St) accidents coming down the hill to 104 Ave from Hwy 1 – It wasn’t known if this was a Ministry of Transport issue, a design flaw or construction error?
  • Noise mitigation as result of Jake brakes coming down the hill – the Ministry has installed excessive noise reduction signs on the hill but it is at the discretion of driver for safety as to whether they use the jake brakes.  Residents stated that the jake brakes were heard on the flats heading toward the traffic light where 104 Ave intersects with Hwy 17
  • Ministry said the design and construction were appropriate – it was driver error

Members Concerns:

  • Resident raised the issue – will there be a pedestrian overpass over Hwy 17 as this is a dangerous intersection to cross.
  • Since the SFPR opened, a lot of trucks have been going up 104 Ave – they race up/down hill at night (many are from home construction??).  The traffic is speeding on 104 all day and residents stated that it is hard to cross 104 Ave, even at the pedestrian crossing at 170A Street – vehicles don’t stop.
  • Signage on 104 Ave says No Trucks

Next Meeting will be November  12, 2014 in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School at 7 p.m. – this will be put on website to confirm date as school use needs to be confirmed first (with strike, this has not been possible to do).


The meeting dates for 2015 will be announced on the website or at the next meeting.