Residential Break & Enters

The following notice from the RCMP warns of recent break-ins in Fraser Heights:

I have been asked by S/Sgt Dean Scott to advise that in the past 2 weeks we are aware of a few residential Break ins in Fraser Heights.

We are asking residents to be vigilant in reporting any suspicious persons or activities in their area.  For example subjects knocking on doors to check if residents are at home.   Always remember if someone comes to your door when you are at home always acknowledge that you are there.   Never open doors to strangers but either talk through the door or through an open window.      Remember to leave porch lights on when going to bed to light up your area.   Also if you are going out for the evening remember to leave a light on in the home to suggest that the home is occupied.

Remember to use your home alarm and ensure that all windows and doors are locked when leaving the home or retiring for the night.

Remember to keep a close relationship with each other in your neighbourhoods and keep everyone informed.  Please report all incidents of thefts and also remember the security of your garden sheds as these areas are sometimes forgotten.

Thank you again for your continued dedication and participation in the Surrey RCMP Block Watch Program.


Marlene Drozda

Crime Prevention Program Coordinator
Surrey RCMP District 2