Fraser Heights Bridge – Upcoming Construction

The following letter was sent to residents living in the area affected by the construction:

The following provides an overview of the construction schedule for the new Fraser Heights Bridge that is being constructed as part of the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement (PMH1) Project.

The new four-lane Fraser Heights Bridge will be constructed by the PMH1 Project contractor, Kiewit/Flatiron General Partnership, and will connect the new South Fraser Perimeter Road to Highway 1 via 176 Street.

This bridge will cross over an environmentally sensitive area to the north of 168 Street near the CN Rail yard. In order to preserve this area, the new bridge will be built using a top-down construction method. This method of construction involves using the bridge deck, as it progresses, as a working platform from which the support piers are then built. This method limits the need for crew members and heavy equipment to come in contact with the ground during construction. Construction will begin at the east end of the bridge and proceed west.

Construction Timeline – What to expect
In early April, crews will transport material and construction equipment to the bridge site. Starting in mid-April, and continuing intermittently for approximately one year, pile driving will be required to secure the foundation of the bridge. This pile driving will typically occur during the day, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

A geotechnical assessment of the ground conditions in the area suggests that crews will be able to use the quieter method of vibratory piling for approximately the first two thirds of each pile and will then need to use the hammer pile method for the final one third to properly secure each pile.

Concurrent with the pile driving, crews will construct the bridge deck, which as noted above will act as the construction platform as bridge construction advances from east to west. In late May, residents will start to see the structural beams for the bridge being placed. The bridge will be complete in mid-2012.

During this period, residents may hear construction vehicles and concrete trucks move in and out of the site and may see some light from construction spotlights. Pile driving is not planned to take place during overnight hours and every effort will be made to reduce construction noise; however, residents may experience some nighttime noise while work takes place.

Residents are reminded that the area to the north of 168 Street is an active construction zone and unauthorized access is prohibited.

If you have questions about this work or any part of the PMH1 Project, please call the project office at 1-866-999-7641 (PMH1) or email

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