Minutes – May 25 2010

Fraser Heights Community Association Meeting – May 25, 2010

Recreation Centre

  • Expansion of the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre The City of Surrey has provided money to expand the Fraser Heights Rec Centre. Two architects attended the meeting and presented their renditions of what the addition will probably look like. They had studied the land, drainage, utilities etc. and also the carbon footprint. The design has been approved but there is a chance to see the drawings and to have input on Tuesday June 15 at an open house at the Fraser Heights Rec Centre.
  • The proposal was to build a fitness centre that will be equal to or larger than Guildfords Centre. The current Wellness Centre will become a multipurpose room – it is about 1500 square feet. Above the current gym will be built a 7500 sq ft gym and above the Wellness Centre will be built a 7500 fitness and aerobic centre. Since these are bigger than the building below, there will be some overhang. The rest of the extra space will be used for “flex” rooms that can be used in different ways. Aesthetically, it looked really nice in the drawings! These drawings will be going out for community approval and input before the final drawings are submitted to City Hall in late June 2010. The contract will be put out for tenders in the fall and construction should begin in late fall. The expected opening date will be late fall of 2011. These architects specialize in building ice rinks/swimming pools and usually put them together due to creating a heat pump system to save energy. Although these will not be in this phase of expansion, the land is being left for future additions. Send any comments, questions or suggestions to Christa Balatti at cjbalatti@surrey.ca or phone her at 604-502-6229 or drop your comments off at the Rec Centre in care of Carla.
  • There was a real concern about the traffic that might make it difficult to access the gym once the 152 on ramp to the freeway closes. The architects will be looking into how to solve this problem. Any suggestions?

Police Update

  • Chris Dibblee is our Fraser Heights liaison RCMP officer. He can be reached at 604-839-6971, 778-593-3559 or at christopher.dibblee@rcmp-grc.gc.ca . Please do not hesitate to contact him about policing issues in Fraser Heights.
  • He reported that the police have been ticketing drivers on 156 St. who have gone through the stop signs at 108 and 110th Avenues.
  • There was a raid on a residence on Glenwood Drive that ended on being a grow op bust this weekend.
  • Community mailbox theft has decreased significantly in the past two months.
  • The RCMP will be at the Fraser Heights Community Fair and will have a police cruiser there for kids to climb inside and even try the siren.
  • The RCMP have started the summer Friday/Saturday park patroling which will continue till Halloween. They go from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
  • A few community members told about swarming /muggings in Fraser Heights. Groups of youths in the age ranges of 15 to 17 hang out and then approach other teens for cell phones, money etc. They are armed with bear mace. Some of the perpetrators have been caught but if you hear of or see anything, call Chris ASAP.
  • Staff Seargeant Dean Scott has taken over as head of the RCMP office at 148 Street and 104 Avenue. He can be reached at dean.scott@rcmp.grc.gc.ca or at 604-502-6510 if you have any concerns about policing in Fraser Heights or the Guildford area.

Surrey Action Housing Plan

  • Surrey Action Housing Plan – a survey is being drawn up to be circulated to homes in Surrey to seek residents’ opinions on secondary suites in Surrey. The survey will be conducted in two ways – by eamil and by phone. It is the same survey and they hope to contact 600 people by each method.

Surrey Bend Park

  • Surrey Bend Park (foot of 176 Street/104 Ave). An area of the park had fill put in it years ago and this area will become a parking lot for about 100 cars. Surrey has budgeted $20 million for the development of this park over several years. This project can be viewed under the City of Surrey website. Phase one should be starting soon. Mention was made about the Port Mann landfill that is supposed to be turned into a park. The only access to it now is via a trail at the bottom of Dogwood Campgrounds.


  • Traffic Issues – the City of Surrey has given Fraser Heights all the traffic calming measures that had been requested and no more are to be done. If any residents believe there should be more, they have to contact the City who will measure and decide if anything should be done. Fixing the shoulders on 156 Street had been requested but just some potholes were filled in and a line was painted down the centre.
  • the closure of the #1 Highway onramp at 110 Street and 152nd Ave is slated to close at the end of the summer of this year. Concerns were brought forward about congestion of traffic around the high school. This is being looked into.
  • there are problems with traffic turning right onto 104 Ave when heading south on 156 Street. Pedestrians cross when the light is green so that traffic turning right have to wait and since all through traffic is in the same lane, the traffic is backing up. Solutions given were to not allow pedestrians to use that crosswalk to cross from the north west to the south west (or vs.) corners at certain times of the day (especially from 8 to 9 and 2 to 3 when there are lots of students using the crosswalks).
  • There have been several accidents at 104 Ave and 164 Street but the City refuses to even provide a 4 way stop sign at this intersection. Once the whole #1 project comes to completion, the City did not think this intersection would be an issue (and yet, nothing is proposed to change there).

Other Business

  • There are two new Toastmasters’ Clubs in Fraser Heights. One is a Gavel Club (Wordworthy) for students in junior and senior high. There is a second club (Fraser Heights Cornerstone) for adults (ages 18 and over). Both clubs meet on Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at the church on the corner of 110 Ave and 154 Street (entrance to parking lot is off 110 Ave). The clubs are open to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills and have a fun and entertaining evening.
  • The development at the corner of 176 Street/Highway #1 and Barnston appears to be on hold for the moment. This developer may flip the property or may start building at any time. He does have the proper permits but he is not letting anyone know his intent to build or his time frame. If he goes ahead with his plans, this will be one of the 3 higest density housing areas in all of Surrey (Guildford and Surrey Central are the other 2).