Sept 23, 2015

President’s report
• Web site –
• Marcie Kroeker, president
• FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community dealing with issues that affect our community such as safety, traffic, development
• The FHCA gathers four times a year to discuss issues that affect our community
• FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community
• If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the website). This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
• If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up. You will receive four notifications and four reminders of the upcoming meetings per year.
• Our Community Association mailing address is PO Box 74042, Surrey, V4N 1N9.
• Sign up – membership is free (it’s on the right side of website page) and you’ll receive notification of meetings.

Guest singing group
• The FHCA was treated to a choral selection by a group called Sound Scape. Their members come from Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Northwest Washington State. They meet Monday evenings at Bothwell. If anyone is interested in auditioning for their group or contacting them to sing at an event you are planning, please email them at

Treasurer’s report
• Financial statement – due to our guest singers and speaker, this was not presented.

RCMP update on safety and security – District Commander Sergeant Paul Reshaur has been transferred. Our new District Commander is Sergeant Laurie Clarkson – she can be reached at
• If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of them so police can’t track the criminals/hot spots of activity. Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem. You can also make reports using the new Surrey app called Surrey Request for emergency and non-emergency issues. This app has a link to the RCMP emergency and non-emergency numbers.
• We were unable to have a representative from the RCMP attend our meeting in September but the following information was shared at the meeting:
• There were 69 accounts of theft or attempted theft from vehicles in last 5 months –make sure you keep your car doors locked and do not keep valuables in your car.
• The City of Surrey uses the Cosmos website ( to show information on our community (such as where theft has occurred). Instructions on how to access Cosmos are available at that website.
• Blockwatch – there are 21 groups in FH – it is strongly suggested that if your neighbourhood doesn’t have one, call the RCMP (Heather Paradis) to set one up.
• There was a very serious fire near 168 St and 106 Ave – about ¾ of house burned down. – The Blockwatch group from that area came together for that emergency.
• Power outages – from 30 to 63 hours were reported in FH during the windstorm August 29. We need to be prepared for emergencies –FHCA plans to have an Emergency Preparedness person come to one of our future meetings to discuss this topic.

• Don Luymes, from the City of Surrey, did a presentation at our meeting on East Fraser Heights Land Use Plan proposed by the City of Surrey – what it means for new developments in Fraser Heights, including strata properties.
• This land use plan was initiated March 23 for the area east of 172 to 184 Street, north of Highway 1 and south of Golden Ears Connector. It included analyzing the infrastructure needed in order to develop this area (schools, parks, utilities and roads)
• There was one Open House in late June at the FH Rec Centre. 132 people attended open house. Only 31 people filled out the feedback forms and their comments included – better transportation, neighbourhood centre, environmental protection. The City needs feedback to know if they are on target or what changes are being requested. Please take the time to fill out a feedback form to make your comments heard.
• Another Open house will be held Oct 1 at gym of Rec Centre – 6:30 to 8. This will assist the City in determining what would best suit the community and would help provide us with a better idea of what future development will look like.
• There have been a number of development applications for this area
• The development Plan A included large acreage properties (173 to 176 and 101 to 103 will be left) and smaller lots as well as some townhouses (where appropriate).
• Barnston drive has RF zoning which is typical of FH and along 172 St. There will be a new street and lots on both sides of that street. Low to medium density townhouses are proposed between 100th Ave and Hwy 1 due to the awkward nature of this stretch of land. 10 to 15 units per acre so 100 to 120 units could be built from the Korean church to the south side of 100/Barnston from 173 to 176. In one of the proposed developments, there were also townhouses on the north side of Barnston/100th
• Hwy1 and Hwy 17 – the townhouse and/or condo complex is still being built and people are slowly moving into the complex. There will be some retail shops along the eastern side of this complex.
• Daly Road – part of property around there is zoned for industrial and part for residential
• Environmental study includes studying waterways, trees worthy of retention, riparian areas, water courses (Class A and B have – can’t build there – if not fish in them, they may feed fish further downstream, wildlife habitat, terrestrial habitat, culvert under freeway – wildlife corridor that links under Hwy 1 to Tynehead/Serpentine
• Good stands of trees, Douglas firs, monkey puzzle trees, western red cedar have been identified in this area and may be slated for retention
• Preservation of green space – Parkland DCC plan – developers pay into it to allow for parkland in new developments
• Density compatible – the density of some of these proposed developments may not be identical to the existing density but buffers will be provided between these two levels of density to give transition
• There will be an integrated local road network for the areas to be developed with connections to the surrounding areas
• Network of pedestrian and cycling routes including connections to the Fraser Heights Greenway and adjacent regional parks.
• Servicing strategy and financial strategy to fund infrastructure improvements
• The Katzie are interested in lands owned by provincial gov’t toward where Hwy 17 Connector and Golden Ears Connector meet – townhouses at 20 units per acre are proposed for this area
• An alternative B plan was also shown with higher density in different areas (both plans will be available at the Open House.
• Planning process – environmental study was done in spring, land use concepts during summer, 2nd public open house is scheduled – if comments are negative, they’ll plan a 3rd open house otherwise the plan will get final adoption in late spring 2016.
• 3 new direct connections to the SFPR connector from FH will be completed
• 1200 residents currently live in East FH and about 4000 are proposed to be living in that area when development completed (70% of new houses have suites but in established areas about 30%). Numbers bumped up a bit to account for this.
• No elementary school is proposed at this time as the estimated population density wouldn’t warrant having one. Instead, residents would either go to Bothwell or a new school that would possibly be built in the Anniedale area on south side of Hwy #1
• Parking coordinator – Dave Harkness – contact him if parking becomes a problem in your area or if you suspect the development will cause parking problems. The number of parking spots is formulaic for number houses per acreage.
• Residents stated that access to and from FH is already a big problem so development will cause even more congestion on existing roads
• Although these types of lots are not common in Surrey, Panhandle lots could possibly be built. They are narrower and deeper and have a driveway alongside a house to service a house behind each one instead of building another road. The reason for this would be due to the pipeline that may make building roads in certain areas impossible as the pipeline cannot be paved over.
• If you have any comments, feedback or concerns, please email Markus Kischnick – and attend the open house October 1, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
• Applications to the City do not always address lot sizes so there have been some developments where residents need to speak up if lot size is not acceptable for that area.
• Note – RF 12 lots are 3400 square feet in size and allow a house of 3500 square feet to be built on it. They will also allow one suite. Houses of this size do not exist in FH but have now been proposed for the acreage at the north east corner of 156 Street and 110 Ave. All other houses around it are either acreages or RF (around 8000 sq ft lots). IF you have comments about this development, please email Donald Nip at and quote file number 7915-0232-00.

Traffic issues:
• Residents complained about the light at 104 and Hwy 17 that won’t allow them to turn right (south) from eastbound 104 Ave on the red light when northbound Hwy 17 traffic is turning left to head west onto 104 Ave. Few cars get through on a light and so the traffic tends to back up. It was stated that there would not likely be any changes until the Golden Ears Connector opens. It was slated to open at the end of this year but now they are looking at March 2017 for the opening date.
• The Golden Ears Connector from 184 to 179 is complete and paved just not connected through to 104/Hwy 17.

Members Concerns/Announcements:
• Glenwood pond was drying up this past summer. Residents in that area came together to form Friends of Glenwood Pond to take care of this pond. This story made it into both the local newspapers and the Vancouver Sun!
• Fraser Heights Winecellar store will soon be opening (next to Nesters in the corner – it will be a retail store selling wine only (not a liquor store) so the business owner did not have to apply for rezoning

The scheduled meetings for this school year are all on Wednesdays:
November 25, 2015
February 17, 2016
May 4, 2016