Minutes, FHCA meeting May 6 2015

May 6, 2015

President’s report
• Web site – www.fhca.ca
• Lindsay Ryerson, president
• FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community dealing with issues that affect our community such as safety, traffic, development
• The FHCA gathers four times a year to discuss issues that affect our community
• FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community
• If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the fhca.ca website). This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
• If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up. You will receive four notifications and four reminders of the upcoming meetings per year.

Treasurer’s report
• Financial statement – total account balance is $3738.32

RCMP update on safety and security – District Commander/ Sergeant Paul Reshaur – he can be reached at paul.reshaur@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.
• If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of them so police can’t track the criminals/hot spots of activity. Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem. You can also make reports using the new Surrey app called Surrey Request for emergency and non-emergency issues. This app has a link to the RCMP emergency and non-emergency numbers.
• Two representatives from the RCMP attended our meeting – Heather Paradis, our crime prevention coordinator (heather.paradis@rcmp-grc.gc.ca) and District Commander, Sergeant Paul Reshaur.
• Auto thefts – since January 1 to end of April – about 11 in FH
• Operation Hot Wheels – covert and overt police officers are using techniques to bring car theft down
• Car owners need to use deterrents to significantly reduce theft – keep car doors locked and windows up, remove items from glove compartment, leave nothing in your car and account for your keys (don’t leave them lying around), make sure your anti-theft device is turned on or if your car is older than 2007, use a club on your steering wheel. Set alarms. Some thieves will set off car alarms several times causing owner to turn them off then the thieves come back and steal car. Get good quality devices.
• Tips – thieves will steal change, empty bottles, chargers etc. – they break in hoping to find something more than what they can see. Don’t leave items in your car!!
• If you go on holidays, hide your car keys.
• Break-ins involving garages – thieves get in through garage (there were just a few in FH. Tip – remove garage door opener from vehicle – bring it inside when you leave your car or get a key fob opener to keep on key tag. Newer cars –garage opener codes can be programmed into car – don’t do that or thieves could get into your garage. Always make sure door between garage and your home is locked.
• Surrey RCMP website – visit it to get stats on crime for our area of District 2
• In May, the aboriginal Redd Alert gang hit several homes in FH mid-day. Drop the RCMP an email if you see or hear something about these types of crime. 5 homes, between 110 and 112 Aves in the vicinity of 163 St, were hit on one day.
• Police have worked with landlords to screen tenants, especially in the areas where criminals have been living.
• Mail theft – Fraser Heights has a higher number of community mail boxes hit – because there are more boxes here than in other areas of the City. Target teams have caught people in stolen cars with stolen mail. Thieves have even attached chains to the mailboxes and pulled them right off the bases.
• Thieves have gotten into a few of the new mailboxes. Canada Post is making it more difficult to break into them. Thieves are using big tools so report anyone having these tools (especially if they are hanging out in your neighbourhood) to 604-599-0502.
• Check your mailbox daily and try to empty your box soon after delivery. If you are on holidays, get a neighbour or family member to collect your mail. Switch to electronic statements / deposits. Report suspicious activity around or near mailboxes. Call Canada Post AND the RCMP to make reports.
• Canada post is gradually replacing the old mailboxes. The keys for the new boxes are very controlled – if a key gets stolen, they only have to rekey small # of boxes. It is an offence to possess a key if it is not yours.
• There have been many shootings in other areas of Surrey but not in our area. Bill Fordy has made it his mission to stop this – people involved in this are being named and their pictures are being shown in the media. Road blocks were set up in the areas where there were shootings. Lots of undercover police are involved in solving this problem. Help police survey the community – report any suspicious behaviours to them. These gang shootings have often been due to cultural/drug issues.

• City of Surrey’s East Fraser Heights Land Use Plan – for proposed new developments in Fraser Heights
• Parkview place – trees on property – arborist will review this situation and trees will meet specific density
• 160 St/104 Ave – for houses being built on this site, noise mitigation is a 6 foot wooden fence that residents will have to try to keep free from graffiti. Houses have triple glazed windows and better insulation etc. to help minimize noise from the #1 Highway. Developers must plant one additional tree per lot. Noise attenuation – the province has said they do not intend to extend the noise mitigation fencing to include these properties.
• Beautification – the strip of land between the new houses and 160 St is owned by the City. City needs to do tree planting and landscaping so fencing will not be as exposed as it is now and to make the entrance to Fraser Heights more attractive.
• There will be a new set of guidelines for future development of East Fraser Heights land (this area of FH is considered to be everything east of 172 Street). Don Luymes, manager of community planning from the Planning Department at the City of Surrey, gave a presentation to address this.
• A number of developers have approached the City about development in East FH. They have started assembling properties so they can go ahead with their plans. City planning staff got together a couple of months ago to plan and coordinate this. Council approved – 1st step is to do an environmental study. They’ll be doing a background baseline – creeks, ravines riparian, wild life movement, looking for good stands of conifers to protect. Mid June, the early results of this should be available and there will be a public meeting, possibly around Thurs June 25th. The City wants to meet with stake holders such as FHCA, Kindermorgan and other community groups prior to summer. Over the summer, Planning will lay out appropriate land uses, density and possibly a site for another Elementary school..
• Density – vast majority will be single family homes but may have some town houses – that would be closer to the townhouse/condo development around 176 St (Hwy 17)/#1 Hwy.
• Transition between new development and existing residents will be taken into consideration. Some areas may be resistant to development while other areas may be willing to sell.
• NCP – neighbourhood concept plans – no current development for the large acre properties as they have no services and are on septic.
• With the City coordinating the development, items such as parks, schools, sports fields etc. will be addressed as they can be missed when there is peace-meal development.
• Multifamily dwellings have already approved in East FH as some sites would be very challenging to put roads and services for single family dwellings (e.g. along 100th Ave). It also may make more sense to put in townhouses closer to the Port Kells industrial area.
• Large property 172 to 173 Streets and 103 Ave – this is a huge parcel and a park could possibly go there??
• Along 100th – offers have been made by Mosaic homes. People are willing to sell. Developer backed out of this as crystal meth house had not been cleaned up. Community Horizons and the Katzie 1st nations have applied to develop this area. City is looking at a more comprehensive plan to blend these developments together.
• Some parts may not redevelop due to value of the property
• Commercial development was approved at the townhouse/condo complex at 176 and Hwy #1 but it probably won’t be constructed until more people move into the townhouses.
• 180A – there currently is a walkway there, so that area would continue to be zoned for single family dwellings. Pattern already set so City will keep to that.
• Land use concept – it is not zoning – it makes it more likely that development will follow a plan and not build 4 storey housing in East FH. It is unlikely a development of that type would get support of City staff.
• There will be no additional high school – FH Secondary just got expanded. School district can apply to change boundaries so that students might have to go to another secondary school. Bothwell Elementary is under capacity so it could take children from these areas once they are developed.
• 2011 census – FH had the largest proportion of youth in any census area but doesn’t have that any more. Now Clayton has the largest proportion of youth. FH is cresting and will start to decline. As families “Age in place”, it was stated that FH shouldn’t need additional capacity at the high school.
• Where Golden Ears connector joins Golden Ears way, housing density could possibly be higher.
• 164 St/104 Ave – this area has smaller lots with big homes. – 13.4 metres wide lots. Developers took down the big trees. Very few homes have the 18 metre frontages that were once the norm. Most people can’t afford this anymore so the houses often have suites in basements.
• 154 St/104 Ave – One resident wondered why the City did not put in a park at this location. We were told that FH has balanced # parks. Density will increase along 104 Ave with mixed use development (shops on bottom and housing on top). The Pattison development on the north-east corner of 104 Ave/156 Street will have underground parking under most of the shops. Creek and parts to north will be coming into City ownership.
• Surrey Bend Park – this will be a low impact park. Trail development will be minimal as it is in a sensitive ecosystem. Tynehead has lots of areas for Recreation but Surrey Bend will not.
• Glenwood Park area – the complaint was that people had more than one suite. It is illegal to have more than one suite so inform bylaws to enforce this. BC building code does not permit 2 suites.
• First open house on the land development is tentatively planned for June 25. It will be advertised in newspapers and if people live very close to the areas being developed, they will get information in the mail. It will be Sept before any proposals are available. At that time, the FHCA will get an email that can be sent out.

Traffic issues:
• Transit referendum
• Benefit – easier to get around
• Transit light rail running down 104 Ave. Transit is trying to identify parallel routes to 104 so it won’t limit car traffic on 104. Benefits of light rail – may not need 2nd car to get around.
• Options being explored for light rail include using 105 Ave (currently it is a discontinuous road) – or widen 100th Ave. 104th Ave is too congested to remove any lanes of traffic from that route.
• Will post two balanced articles as to yes/no to vote for transit referendum on our website – deadline for vote is May 26. Residents south of the Fraser disproportionately benefit from this – we have to find a way to get out of cars. Get educated and vote.
• Around Pacific Academy – currently, a multi-use pathway is being installed. It will be lit for bicycles and pedestrians. A new sewer line is going in at the same time.
• The City is also working on Daly Road at the same time.
• Rail whistle cessation – there was an email sent to councillor Judy Villeneuve – information was forwarded to engineering dept to set up meeting with railroad. Meeting still hasn’t taken place. FHCA will follow up. Nassar Hozar from our community has a meeting on Friday, May 8th at 11:30 with Amrik Virk, MLA. Objective is to control time and number of whistles from railway yards. The tonnage being transported and number trains keeps increasing.
• 160 Street widening from 96 to 103 Avenues – construction will be ongoing from now to June 2016.
• Bus stops on 104th Ave between 160 to 168 Streets – Translink stated no pullouts required. Pedestrian crosswalks – Translink will monitor to see if they are warranted between 160 and 168 streets.
• Intersection of 104/164 – investigated and stats of accidents was low so no action at this intersection.
• A “No airbrakes” sign was requested for trucks going north down the hill (176 St/Hwy 17). There is a similar sign on Hwy 1 heading west before Port Mann bridge. This will now will be reviewed and a sign could be installed
• City will be building a roundabout at the intersection of 156 Street and 108 Ave. Heading west along 108 from 156 Street will be a multi-use pathway that will continue along Fraser Heights Greenway (formerly 154 Street) to 110 Ave to be completed by spring 2016.

Members Concerns/Announcements:
• TransMountain pipeline routing – It is slated to be parallel to Golden Ears connector – running along Daly road and to 96 Ave. A 10 meter swath will be removed, 5 meters on either side of the pipeline. Right now, this foliage provides noise/visual mitigation from the trains and SFPR. Transmountain noted that since the pipeline does not make noise, why replace the trees? However, noise levels from the train and road will now be much higher due to the removal of foliage by Transmountain.
• This was our last meeting before summer break. The next meeting will be in Sept. – info will be on the fhca.ca website when known
• A safety issue was raised – In the morning, when there is a lot of traffic heading north on 176 (Hwy 17) to turn left (west) at 104 Ave, the turning lane is not long enough to accommodate all those wishing to turn left. A lot of this traffic is going to Pacific Academy. The big concern was that trucks were coming over the peak of the hill at high speeds and with cars stopped in their lane on the downslope (due to the left turn lane being full), the trucks might not realize the cars are stopped until too late and could barrel into them. The left turn lane needs to be extended and the turning light may also have to be increased. Response – TI Corp has cameras in that area and they are supposed to monitor the length the lights are on. Write or send an email to the City to see how this problem can be addressed.
• Glenwood Park duck pond – At the entrance to this duck pond, there are mutiple signs in front of the pond so residents can’t see the pond or the rhododendrons that were planted there. The posted signs were for no feeding ducks, no skating, the name of the park, no fishing. The pond is so full of leaves and needs to be cleaned out. Residents were encouraged to write City hall about this.
• Improvements to 156 Street north of the proposed roundabout at 108 Ave/156 Street. There has been an ongoing request to fix 156 Street between 108 Ave and 112 Ave. No success yet. The City is waiting for property to be developed along that street and have the developers pay for it.
• Glenwood Crescent East – speed bump petition – Drivers avoid 168/164 Streets due to speed bumps on those routes. A month ago, a little boy was hit, his leg was broken and he was dragged by the car. Residents of that area want speed mitigation. Traffic can be really bad around school in/out times. Paul commented – unless there is a high volume of traffic combined with multiple accidents, there probably won’t be a lot of traffic surveillance done there. It is usually done on major routes. When people complain, RCMP listen and may come take a look. Different traffic calming methods could be used – such as narrowing the streets with bump outs. Call non-emergency line and ask to speak to traffic services.
• Canada Post – hand delivery – CP moving forward to using Superboxes in areas where there has been hand delivery.
• FHCA Executive will have one more meeting before summer. Residents in attendance at this meeting were asked if they wanted to become a member or director? Anyone reading the minutes is also welcome to become a member or join the group of directors. We meet 5 times during the year (apart from the 4 Community meetings).

Next Meeting will be in September 2015 – date to be announced.