Minutes, May 7 2014 meeting


February 19, 2014

President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • Lindsay Ryerson, president
  • FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community
  • If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the fhca.ca website).
  • If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up.  This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
  • FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community
  • We gather and discuss issues in our community

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement – total account balance is $4337.26

RCMP update on safety – District Commander/Staff Sergeant Paul Reshaur

  • If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of them so police can’t track the criminals.  Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem.
  • The Community Constable program – these officers are not armed at present – they deal with community issues, crime prevention, residential problems – grow ops/crack shacks etc.
  • Statistics on crime – residential break and enters – In April 2014, 23 B&Es were reported in whole district – only 1 in FH.  3 garage openers stolen from cars right from in front of residences and then thieves used these to break iIn – don’t leave these in your cars.  Lock the door to your garage, if garage is attached to your house
  • These thieves often ride around on bikes at night, and are usually not wearing helmets.  They carry flashlights and look in cars for things such as clothing, money, wallets, keys, etc.  Put things in your trunk, out of view.
  • If you see suspicious looking people, please report them to the police so they can check who they are and why they are where they were spotted.
  • Disable your trunk latch (in glove box or on door of car)
  • 9 of break ins were through unsecured windows and doors, 6 were to vacant properties
  • Most thieves are opportunists – they will ring a doorbell – if no one answers, they’ll try doors to see if unlocked.
  • Property crime was up 30% in district 2 – Jan to end March 2014 compared to same time 2013
  • Cal non-emergency police number if you think your car has been broken into, even if nothing was taken.  This way, police can track the activity of the thieves – they will then know times/places and can find hot spots so can potentially catch thieves.
  • 123 auto thefts in District 2 and 6 of those were from FH (up 28%).  Theft of motor vehicles – up 67%
  • 137 thefts from autos in District 2 for April 2014 and 6 of those were in FH.  These typically occur in the middle of the night.
  • 63 reported thefts were classified as “other”
  • Mischief was up 22%
  • Homicides were down
  • On the West Coast, auto theft is mostly to use the vehicle to get from point A to point B (on the East Coast, cars that were stolen were usually put in containers and shipped overseas).  Here, up to 95% of the cars are recovered within 2 weeks to a month.
  • If you see a car parked on your street and there has been no activity around it, get the license plate number and phone it into the RCMP.
  • A team of Commissionaires is being assembled – they will have high visibility.  They will be the eyes and ears for police – foot and bike patrols in higher density / problem areas – they will have their own uniforms (security) – they will be run by City and RCMP – e.g. – They will be in places such as the Newton Bus Loop – not to intervene but to call the police.  They will work days and evenings, the high traffic times
  • Bike patrol – it is a dedicated team and they are faster than foot patrol
  • New online reporting tool is up and running – if you lost less than $5000 from break-ins, you can use this website to report thefts.  It is found on the City website – under Surrey RCMP or go to surrey.rcmp.ca to report crime.  It has been found that when it is easier to report crime, statistics usually go up as more people take the time to file the reports
  • SFPR – there have been complaints about noise from trucks using Jake brakes as they decelerate – Ministry of Transport is working on this problem.
  • Traffic enforcement and attending crashes on the SFPR – Surrey is trying to get Deas Island Patrol to help out on this as there has been quite a bit of speeding and 1 or 2 truck rolls.  The speed limit is 80 Kph.
  • Marlene Drozda is semi-retired (Block Watch).  She is now working part time out of district 5.  There should be a replacement for Marlene soon – she did special events, children’s events etc.
  • Home security information hand outs were available
  • Hiring new police officers – 661 sworn members in Surrey – asked for 95 more over next 5 years
  • 57 asked for last year and got 6.  There is a shortage, even with added members as members leave and retire.


Mailbox break-ins:

  • 23 reported – there was a cluster around 110 Ave west of 156 St, then sporadic throughout FH (many are not reported to police).
  • For April, there were about a dozen community mailboxes broken into.
  • Thefts need to be reported to both Canada Post and the RCMP so they can be tracked
  • New community mailboxes have been installed in several places where mailbox thefts had occurred.
  • The old boxes – there were keys for these out there as they were easier to duplicate.  Police stated – Many of the mailboxes that have been broken into show no evidence of damage from the outside.  This isn’t often noted until the whole box is opened up.
  • There’s been a bait mail program.  There have been several groups operating.  Prison is like a school – the prisoners teach each other how to break into things.
  • Please clear your mail from your box every day when you come home.  The break-ins usually occur during the night.  When the boxes have had the bait mail planted, it was found that many boxes had days or weeks’ worth of mail that hadn’t been picked up.
  • Security access line for Canada Post – call  1-855-229-6025 (also call RCMP)


Status on Trans Mountain Pipeline routing through Fraser Heights

  • Marcie and Liane have been following the developments on this project
  • A Map was shown, of all the routes, and the one along the Fraser River was preferred.  There was an alternate route, following the existing pipeline, down 173 Street
  • On Trans Mountain website, they’ve posted the maps
  • Before end of June, Kinder Morgan wants to select a definite route.
  • If you are concerned, and this will affect you negatively, band together with neighbours and send your emails to info@transmountain.com

  • FHCA submitted feedback in the Optimization Process to KinderMorgan that proposed  KM consider the east side of 176th Street  (Hwy 15) as an alternate route (as opposed to using 173 Street)


Traffic issues:

  • South Fraser Perimeter Road is single lane under the Port Mann bridge – this constriction will remain in place until the old Port Mann bridge is removed (most likely later in the fall)
  • Hwy 15/Hwy 17 (at 104 Ave) now has a left turn lane to turn south,  The right turn into FH will be constructed but no “end” date has been given
  • Golden Ears Connector is now being pre-loaded along Daly load – construction is slated to continue to 2016.
  • 156 Street /108 Ave – there is not enough room for a traffic circle.  Hydro said it would cost too much to move hydro pole so that intersection will have traffic lights installed.  Jaime Boan at the City said Staff are working on configuring these lights and then putting them into the budget before they can confirm a time frame.  They are hoping to start construction by the end of this year (2014).


Members Concerns:

  • Whistle cessation petition (about 10 pages) – petitioning the city to get cessation of whistles between 11 pm and 5 a.m.  There were sheets available to be signed after meeting – they will be sent in next week
  • There is a new “Community Use” room is in the high school expansion that can be rented out for various events.  It has patio doors and can have chairs and tables set outside for events.
  • This was the last meeting of this year (school year).  The next meeting will be in September (date will be posted when known)
  • We need volunteers to join our group of directors – either send an email or ask the executive members about joining.


Next Meeting will be in September, 2014 in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School at 7 p.m. – this will be put on website as school use needs to be confirmed first.

The meeting dates for 2014/2015 will be announced during the summer of 2014.