Minutes, FHCA February 19, 2014 meeting


February 19, 2014


President’s report

  • Web site – www.fhca.ca
  • Lindsay Ryerson, president
  • FHCA is a volunteer organization – we volunteer our time to represent the community
  • If you have problems in our community, please send your information to us and we will look into these issues (go to Contact Us on the fhca.ca website).
  • If you are not currently on the email list, go to our website and sign up.  This is our primary site to collect comments from residents about community issues so we know about them and can send them on to the City.
  • FHCA helps shape policy and issues that involve our community

Treasurer’s report

  • Financial statement –total account balance is $3,932.18

Police and Security – Corporal Bryan Tepper (acting as district commander)

  • Bryan has just come back to Surrey after 2.5 years away and reported the crime rate had gone down in his time away
  • If you don’t report crimes in Fraser Heights, there will be no record of themso police can’t track the criminals.  Call the Non-Emergency RCMP number 604-599-0502 about any incidents, no matter how small they seem.
  • Overall plan with everything that’s happening – RCMP – moving back to front line policing so they are visible.  Manpower is the problem right now.  Last year they asked for 57 officers and got 1 or 2.  A lot of new recruits go to smaller communities.
  • If you see a crime, you’re the public eyes so let police know about it.
  • Surrey RCMP have website – up and running – online reporting of crimes/incidents if don’t need immediate police attendance (e.g., people coming and going, recovery etc).   Mischief on property (graffiti on fences, etc., –   You’ll be able to use bylaws to post complaints about these problems.
  • There is a 6 member bike patrol – they work out of the old bylaws office (old City Hall) and will cover the entire City
  • District offices have 2 officers who can go on the road for visibility and community safety.  They can give out tickets etc. where needed.
  • Write emails to the City of Surrey (RCMP) to say you want to see RCMP on the streets.  Visible foot controls help stop petty crime
  • Theft from mailboxes – residents can install their own cameras to film mailboxes as long as the cameras do not encroach on a resident’s privacy (you can’t film into someone’s house).  Your camera should be pointed into the street at not at a home.
  • Mailbox theft has been a big issue and will get worse.  Some Postal carriers have had their keys stolen from them.  Canada Post is upgrading some of the community boxes to sturdier boxes – requests can be made to Canada Post to have these installed to replace your current boxes.
  • Empty your mailbox daily (they are often broken into between 3 and 5 a.m.).  They’ll steal anything out of the boxes.
  • Community safety officers are now starting to use “bait mail”in some of the boxes
  • The Overpass from Tynehead had been a crime generator but has now died down.
  • RCMP would like to see lights along the new Barnston pathway for safety reasons.  There are long stretchesof bushes with no houses or lighting that could become problematic.  Parks don’t generally consult with RCMP on their park pathway plans.
  • If you do have issues, there is a bylaw about “in the park in the dark” – it is a $200 fine for being in the park in the dark so problems could be dealt with by issuing fines.
  • Email parks about this – trees and lighting – there are funding constraints for project but if the community has concerns, they’ll have to address the lighting issues.


Recovery, Alcohol, Assistive Living Homes

  • Michelle, a Bylaw officer (from City Bylaws) reported on Recovery homes – The City works with bylaws involved in these homesand the police deal with crime that may ensue from them
  • Michelle passed out pamphlets to attendees “Community Safety Reporting” – they havephone numbers for City issues e.g., for street lights out, sidewalk repair, drainage issues, graffiti etc.  This information can also be found at 222.surrey.ca – look for Report a Problem tab along the top right of the page.
  • 12 years ago Ministry of Health used to license Recovery homes but now individual municipalities deal with these homes.
  • Fraser Health Authority regulates Supportive and Group Homes and Alcohol and Drug Recovery Homes
  • A list of Recovery orAssistive Living/Recoveryhomes list is available online.  Go to the Ministry of Health or Fraser Health Authority – Assistive Living registry list.  There are some unlisted homes for women due to safety issues.
  • Bylaws are going to be identifying the unlicensed homes then entering them on the registry list in Phase 1.  It will take about six months to get onto registry once the applications have been received.
  • Unregulated homes will be shut down unless they get ministry approval to operate.  If they don’t apply, City has the right to shut them down.
  • There are currently none in Fraser Heights – some unregulated Recovery homes were shut down in October in this area.
  • Several of these types of homes are non-profit facilities.  If necessary, Licensing and Zoning issues can cause them to be shut down
  • There will be a hefty fee charged per year to operate these homes
  • By-law Enforcement Office contact is Michelle Orsetti, best to contact by email at mlorsetti@surrey.ca , but can also be reached by phone at 604-591-4871
  • Currently, Recovery homes can be set up in any residential area but there are regulations about how close they can be to a school and that only one can be in a particular area.
  • The Owner of one of these homes does not have to live in the house.  One operator may have 6 homes but must have manager at each facility.  Operator is recorded on the registry
  • Supportive recovery and mental health or senior issues are regulated by the Ministry of Healthy, not City Bylaws
  • If resident or community has issues with these – they have to contact the Ministry of Health.
  • There is a limit of 6 residents allowed to be in care in one home (some currently have 10 in care) – zoning bylaw is for 6 so Ministry is trying to get all down to 6 in care.  They can have 4 caregivers at the facility so there can be no more than 10 overnight
  • When these houses are shut down, the residents are given time to find other facilities
  • Fraser Heights Residents askedBylaws to add “if residents will allow facility in their neighbourhood” to the current wording.
  • Bylaws is trying to get the land required for these homes to be rezoned so the public within a mile can have their input at a public meeting as to whether a “house” can be set up in their area.



A. City of Surrey Presentation on multi-use pathway in Fraser Heights

  • For presentation, click on link below
  • FHCA Presentation_Feb_19_2014_FINAL
  • Phil Bellefontaine and Tim Kooistra did a presentation (from the engineering dept)
  • Phase 1:  The new Pedestrian Pathway will be on the north side of Barnston Drive, between 168 and 170A.  It will link into the pedestrian overpass over Hwy #1 to Tynehead (which has been a huge success – in excess of 200 to 300 people cross the bridge per day).  Many of those crossing are students from Pacific Academy.
  • Barnston Drive has been an issue in FH – there has been some traffic calming but there have been no sidewalks
  • 70 plus trees will be removed but new trees will be planted in the boulevardto replace them.  53 significant trees have been identified and where needed, the pathway will meander around those trees.
  • This will be a four metre wide, multiuse pathway
  • It will continue eastward through the back of Bothwell Park – near the playing field
  • Curb bottles will be installed at intersections so it will be easier for pedestrians to cross those intersections
  • The land being used for the pathway is City owned land.
  • City has met with Pacific Academy and withBothwell Elementary.  Both schools saw value in this project for students traveling to and from school
  • City is hoping to begin construction this summer and complete it within this year.
  • Lighting – none is planned at this time.  Residents requested lighting as it is very dark around that area and there have been a lot of break-ins there.
  • This project has been on the City’s plans for many years.  The City is encouraging people to walk/cycle.
  • Instead of going away from Barnston and closer to the residential area, residents requested the pathway go along Barnston.  It was reported that there would be a $$ cost to fill in ditches etc. that was not in their budget.
  • If you want to have any input or have your voice heard, send details to transportation@surrey.ca
  • Everything being proposed is on City property
  • The City has standards as to how close to pathway plants can grow and how high – they will be kept trimmed
  • Phase 2 – it is not in the budget at present but at some point in the future, there are plans to continue this route to 172nd Street along the gas right-of-way.  It will eventually run to 104 Ave then down to Surrey Bend
  • Pathway will not be going through private property – It is all on City owned land.
  • The portion that goes through PA is on private property
  • Feedback is important, especially from people directly affected so please email your comments and concerns to the City
  • Use the heading “Barnston Greenway” or Fraser Heights greenway on your emails


B.Update on Trans Mountain Pipeline routing

  • Marcie and Leanne have been following the developments on this project
  • The existing pipeline from approx. 1950, runs from Edmonton to Burnaby.  For most of pipeline, Kinder Morgan will build another pipeline next to the existing one.
  • Last year, KinderMorgan proposed an alternative route that would have run along the SFPR instead of the existing route.
  • Dec 2013 – Kinder Morgan submitted their proposal to Ottawa
  • Earlier in February, some home owners received notice that the pipeline was once again going to follow existing pipeline to 172 or 173 then head north.  This is a new development and has not been submitted to Ottawa yet.  They want to submit this alternate route by the end of the March.  Fraser Heights Residents have 6 weeks to act – write emails is the best because they leave a record.
  • Only people on the proposed line (172 to 173) were notified of this change.  The letter wasn’t clear to home owners as it sounded like it was a done deal.  Kinder Morgan came to residents’ homes to survey.
  • From the maps, the pipeline route looks like it is a right of way, not expropriation of property
  • Residents said it made no sense to run through residential area. 
  • Contact Kinder Morgan – let them know you don’t want it to go through your property.  So many levels of gov’t involved so cannot pinpoint one person to contact but phone or send emails to Christie Libby at info@transmountain.com Tel 1-866-514-6700
  • Only 8 residents that would be affected by this route changereceived letters  They need to go to the National Energy website and continue to request the pipeline be laid away from residential areas
  • Make reference as to how it will affect residents in general, the community, environment, wildlife etc. (not about your own personal info)
  • Send a copy of your emails to our association –National Energyis aware of these developments as our Association has been in touch with them in regards to this


Traffic issues:

  • A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of 156th Street and 108th Ave as there is not enough room to install a roundabout that would allow buses and larger vehicles to get around it.
  • There will be road modifications at the intersection of 104 Ave and 176 Street (Hwy 17 to the north and Hwy 15 to the South) to address right and left hand turns starting next week.
  • The Golden Ears connector will run from that intersection along Daly Road to new intersection at 177A.  This will become the only way to get to Barnston Island.  Construction will begin this spring – completion summer 2015.
  • Signage as come down hill – many people miss turn onto 104.  Thesign will be replaced when Golden Ears connector is completed.


Members Concerns:

  • Petition on Train Whistles to mitigate noise – Nasser Hozar – passed this around. Trains are increasing both in frequency and in weight.
  • Article in Sun – New West, Langley and Township of Langleyhave had this issue.  Panorama Ridge has lowered the number of whistles – 13 crossings whistling to 1.
  • Contact Nasser at nasserhozar@shaw.caif you would like to sign the petition or have questions.
  • There was mention that yard engine has been blowing whistles in the yard recently during the night (it had stopped for a couple of months but has since resumed).


Fraser Heights Secondary School Extension

  • At this point in time, the new addition will not be ready till after spring break as there are a number of inspections that have to be done once the building is completed by the second week of March.
  • The portables are scheduled to be removed over spring break


Next Meeting (and the last of this school year) will be Wednesday May 7,2014 in the theatre at Fraser Heights Secondary School at 7 p.m.


The meeting dates for the fall of 2014 will be announced during the summer of 2014.