Message from Sgt Mike Spencer, RCMP

Message from Sergeant Mike Spencer,
Guildford/Fleetwood Community Response Unit
Surrey RCMP – District 2 Commander:

I hope this email finds you well, enjoying (but not melting from) our newfound summer weather !!

I send you this email with mixed emotions as it is to let you know that I have accepted a new position within the Surrey RCMP and will be Detachment’s Emergency Operation Planning Sergeant, which means I will be relinquishing my role as the District 2 Commander.    The Emergency Operation Planning is a unit that I have long desired to work with and when the opportunity presented itself, I had to make the decision to apply for it – or forever abandon the desire to work there (there are a LOT of opportunities in a detachment this size, but the infrequency in which they become available does not allow one the luxury of passing on something thinking it will be available again anytime in the foreseeable future.

The GOOD news is that filling my vacancy is a priority and I believe my replacement has already been chosen from the list of desired candidates.  I have not seen an official announcement internally, so I will refrain from introducing who I believe the next District 2 Commander will be, but the process to choose the most suitable and qualified replacement is well under way and, quite likely, all but complete.  This is fantastic news as there will be little or no gap and the process should be rather seamless.   In the meantime, you are in excellent hands with Corporal Teri LESLIE, who will be acting in my role until it’s officially filled.   Teri has been my 2 I/C for over two years now and works day in and day out with our Community Response Unit that she supervises.

As I believe I have mentioned in the past, I am approaching 23 years of service with the RCMP and I have proudly served all of those years at Surrey Detachment.  My promotion to the District Commander’s position in 2017 was one that allowed me to flourish in my desire to be in a role like that of a District Commander – and be involved front & centre with our residents every single day.   Needless to say, Fraser Heights became a big part of that.

Heather, Ed & Sara, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to meet, work with, and know the three of you.  I quickly recognized that you each have a distinct and genuine desire to keep your neighbourhood beautiful and strive to make it safer and better every day.  Your efforts are commendable and from the perspective of someone in my position your efforts are refreshing and a joy to watch from my cheap seats.  Fraser Heights is one of the most beautiful residential areas of Surrey and, dare I suggest, the province and this is in no small part due to your efforts, day in and day out.

I am proud of the work we have done together and I am proud that I ‘leave’ this position with Fraser Heights enjoying plummeting crime stats that are significantly lower than they’ve been in the last five years.  In fact, you are quite possibly, enjoying all-time lows going back to when the best kept secret about a well hidden oasis in the north-eastern corner of the city became not-such-a-secret.  Even better news is that I’m confident that with the efforts you, Lindsay & Susan are putting forward to strengthen your Block Watch presence in Fraser Heights, that there is hopefully more blue sky ahead!

I could go on and on, but ultimately I just wanted to thank you guys, along with all of those in Fraser Heights who care enough about their community to have attended any of our meetings, posed a question, forwarded a video, or passed on any valuable information to you, me, or even to a neighbour simply to keep them protected.

I hope not to be a stranger and, as always, I am still just a phone call or email away and I’m MORE than happy to help you out with any questions you might have, or any issues you might be having.