Hidden Heroes

Do you know someone who should be nominated as a Hidden Hero in our community?

The office of our MP, Ken Hardie, has been searching for Hidden Heroes in our community. The criteria that the office has set out includes:

*   Nominators must be from Fleetwood-Port Kells riding, which includes Fraser Heights
*   The nominee should have done something outstanding in the 2020 Calendar year.
*   All applications must include a letter from the nominator detailing the contributions of the nominee as they relate to the Hidden Heroes award.
*   Follow Facebook and Instagram throughout August to see the Hidden Heroes honored every Friday. And when the pandemic is under control, we’ll be looking for opportunities to celebrate our amazing neighbors together.

Please take a look at our MP’s website at  https://khardie.liberal.ca/page/hidden-hero/ that details the kind of Hidden Heroes that the team is looking for.

It’s time to honor those in Fleetwood-Port Kells who have worked tirelessly for our community, whether they be a long-time dedicated volunteer, passionate coach, or teacher who puts in countless extra hours. It is also an opportunity to honor the front lines workers of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps a home care worker, a nurse, a grocery store clerk, someone in a small shop – someone who has done more because they care – they are the Hidden Heroes we want to reward.

Deadline for submissions: July 30th, 2020 at midnight

If you have a nomination, please call Ken Hardie’s office at 604 501 5900 or email at ken.hardie.c1@parl.gc.ca.