Rogers cell towers – withdrawal of proposal

As you are probably aware, Rogers Communications applied to place cellular antennas in our community. After significant opposition was raised by the community and as was discussed at our September meeting, your executive followed up with the City of Surrey to confirm what next steps would be. We also followed up with Rogers, who to date has not replied.

Below is an email thread between the Fraser Heights Community Association and the City of Surrey. It is self explanatory regarding Rogers’ withdrawal of the proposal.

Thanks to all that participated. It is through action from our residents that your Community Association remains strong.


Ed MacIntosh, President

Fraser Heights Community Association



From: “Neuman, Scott” <>

Subject: RE: Rogers Antenna Status: 157 Street @ 110 Avenue

Date: October 4, 2019 at 4:27:23 PM PDT

To: Edward MacIntosh

Cc: “Costanzo, Robert” <>, FHCA Directors <>


Hi Ed

Thank you for reaching out to me.

Yes Rogers’, through their consultant who has filed the applications and public notifications, has indicated to us that they are withdrawing their applications for cell antenna stations, most notably the locations are at 110 Ave / 157 St , 168 St and 104/105 Ave, and 101A Ave / 15400 Block.  We have not received a formal letter from them but please be assured that the City acknowledges the community’s concerns with these three locations and as such we would not support such works should Rogers’ decide to seek our final approval.

If you have any further questions please contact myself.



SCOTT NEUMAN, P.Eng | Acting GM, Engineering

Director of Rapid Transit & Strategic Projects, Engineering



Engineering Department, Director of Rapid Transit & Strategic Projects

13450 104th Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 1V8
T 604.591.4229 | C 778.846.0164 |


From: Edward MacIntosh
Sent: October 4, 2019 6:53 AM
To: Neuman, Scott <>
Cc: Costanzo, Robert <>; FHCA Directors <>
Subject: Re: Rogers Antenna Status: 157 Street @ 110 Avenue


Good Morning Mr Neuman;

I am emailing you on behalf of the Fraser Heights Community Association. We are a volunteer group representing the best interests of residents in our Community.

Recently we were involved in the matter captioned above. I have spoken with Mr Robert Costanzo yesterday regarding this situation, wherein he confirmed Rogers withdrew 3 applications. They are: 110 Ave & 157 St; 104 Ave & 168 St; & 105 Ave & I missed the cross St. Could you please confirm the Street & let us know?

Additionally, is there correspondence from Rogers to the City that you can share with us? We would like to let the residents know of the withdrawal of these applications.

Thank you in advance for your assistance & co operation.

Ed MacIntosh, President

Fraser Heights Community Association