Fraser Heights Wireless Poles Public Consultation

Following is a public notification from Rogers Communications Inc. about their proposal to replace two light poles with 15 metres light pole/antennas.

Purpose of the Notice

This notification package is an invitation to the public to provide comments regarding two proposed light pole replacements / wireless communication facilities to be located near the intersection of 157 Street and 110 Avenue in Surrey, BC at the coordinates: Pole 1: 49.202466° N, 122.786783° W, Pole 2: 49.202596° N, 122.786922° W


Rogers Communications Inc. (“Rogers”) strives to improve coverage and network quality to remain the leading wireless provider in Canada. Rogers has become aware of the need to improve services in areas of Surrey. The proposed location will achieve the necessary coverage objectives for our network and improve services to the surrounding community.

Rogers is proposing a wireless installation which consists of two light pole replacements with taller light poles inclusive of wireless equipment on the top of the pole with the existing light fixture attached at the same height. Once completed the antenna systems will measure 15.0 metres in height. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), formerly Industry Canada, is responsible for the approval of this antenna system and requires Rogers to consult with the nearby public and local municipality.

The antenna systems will be located here:


Antennas in the Vicinity

There are no existing antenna support structures or other feasible infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed installation that can be utilized to collocate antennas on; as a result, a new antenna site is required. The proposed light pole replacements / wireless communication facilities only have sufficient space and loading capacity for one carrier. Should another carrier wish to install equipment to support their network requirements at this location, they would be required to locate their equipment on a separate light pole.

Network Requirements and Site Selection

In order to determine the site location, engineering data and customer comments on poor wireless service connections were considered. As a result, the requirement for a new wireless antenna site in this area of Surrey was acknowledged. An in-depth survey of the surrounding area identified a potential site at this location. The site, as proposed, will improve service in the surrounding community.

The proposed location is considered to be appropriate given the surrounding areas and network requirements. The installation is considered to be unobtrusive and has been designed to mimic the existing light poles in the area.

Details of the Proposed Installation

Rogers has completed preliminary design plans and a photo-simulation. These preliminary design plans are subject to final engineered design, land survey. The Photo- Simulation is a close representation and for conceptual purposes only.

Site Plan


Partial Site Plan – POLE 1


Partial Site Plan – POLE 2