South Fraser Perimeter Road Update

SFPR granted EAO certificate on July 24 with many pages of “commitments and assurances” made by the proponent. Work has already begun on some Surrey portions, and full construction should begin in 2009 with full completion in 2012.

I am very disappointed in the lack of detail for mitigating the bulk of the concerns that have been raised by the FHCA and other commenting parties.

The common response is to “monitor” most areas of concern, with little detail how concerns, once validated, would be dealt with.

Two of the largest areas that will impact Fraser Heights are;

  • Air Quality – Still trumpeting that overall air quality in the “airshed” will be higher as a result of stricter vehicle emissions and better traffic movement. No mention that air quality in relative proximity to the road will suffer . In regard to lifetime cancer risk, “…the Project will reduce thesize of the areas affected…”
  • Noise – proponent will follow MoTH guidelines, and has agreed to monitor for 1 year post completion.

There are many other areas of concern, and I have not had a chance to review the certificate in its entirety.

FHCA Contact: Rob Langford