Update from RCMP on security and tips for Fraser Heights

Hello Fraser Heights Residents,

I am writing to provide you with a Fall update on property crime statistics for your neighbourhood. In the time period between May 1 and Sept 30 there have been:

  • 5 Residential Break and Enters; (Compared to 8 in the same period in 2020)
  • 1 Commercial Break and Enter;  (0 in 2020)
  • 37 Thefts from an Auto; (54 in 2020. Two of the 37 have occurred in the Month of September)
  • 8 Thefts of an Auto; (4 in 2020) and
  • 4 Thefts of Bike. (2 in 2020)

With regards to the thefts of auto, 7 of the cases occurred prior to mid August with 1 case occurring in September. There is no confirmed link amongst any of the cases.

With Fall and more darkness upon us, it is a good time to bring up our annual Fall property crime prevention tips:

  • Consider having interior / exterior lights on a timer in order to make your residence less enticing to would be property crime offenders;
  • Lock bikes inside of a garage or shed if possible;
  • Avoid warming up your vehicle with the keys inside; and
  • Remove all valuables from parked vehicles, including garage door openers.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to encourage continued reporting of incidents to police, either through 911 for emergencies, or our non-emergency line and online reporting tool for other issues. The reports received from citizens allow us to have a more complete picture of what is happening in our City.



Community Response Unit

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

Surrey RCMP / Government of Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tel: 604-507-5977


Serg. Tyler WICKWARE

Groupe d’Intervention Communautaire

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

GRC de Surrey / Government du Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tél: 604-507-5977


The Fraser Heights Community Association, and all our community, is mourning the tragic loss of three young men in a vehicle accident in Fraser Heights. Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Caleb Reimer, Ronin Sharma and Parker Magnuson.

RCMP Fraser Heights update

Hello Fraser Heights Residents,

I hope everyone is keeping safe during this long period of challenge and uncertainty. I wanted to reach out and provide a brief update on the recent property crime statistics for your community. I am pleased to report that property crime levels continue to remain at the low end of what has historically been seen for Fraser Heights. For the time Period of February 5 to April 22 there have been 0 reports of break and enters to businesses, 1 report of a break and enter to a residence,  and 2 reports of a break and enter to another building. Auto crime also remains low for the same period with 3 reports of theft of a motor vehicle and 8 reports of theft from a motor vehicle. There have been 0 reports of bike theft.

I also wanted to promote our 2020 report to the community which is available from the Surrey RCMP webpage. The report briefly outlines the operations of the detachment, some of the programs that we are involved in, and presents overall crime statistics for the City. Or you can follow the below link to the report:


As always, I am available to discuss any ongoing concerns happening in your community and I encourage reporting of all specific incidents as they occur to our non-emergency line or 911 depending on the situation and circumstances.

Take care and stay safe,



Community Response Unit

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

Surrey RCMP / Government of Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tel: 604-507-5977


Serg. Tyler WICKWARE

Groupe d’Intervention Communautaire

D2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

GRC de Surrey / Government du Canada

tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca / Tél: 604-507-5977

Update on meeting schedule and clearing sightlines

Update from the Fraser Heights Community Association

Covid-19 has obviously impacted our ability to get together to share neighbourhood news. The Association executive is continuing to be extremely active, in particular in providing input to the City on planning applications and how we can keep the look and feel of Fraser Heights intact. In addition, the membership can continue to expect to see regular mail updates from the RCMP on safety in Fraser Heights, as we did most recently in August and December; and updates on notable activities that affect our community, such as the Surrey Transportation Plan last October or the Transmountain Pipeline update last July.

More recently, we have had many inquiries recently on visual obstructions – hedges, trees, fallen brush – on road sightlines. The best way to handle these issues is to put a request in at the City of Surrey through the City web site. To do that, take the following steps:

1) go to the City web page at surrey.ca

2) Click on “Online Services” on the top menu.

3) The first box listed should be “Report a Problem”. Click on “Household and Property” in that box.

4) You will now have the opportunity to sign up for a MySurrey account (recommended, because you can then keep track of any requests for service). If you don’t want to sign up for an account, there is a box to continue as a Guest.

5) The first box is “What Problem Are You Reporting?” – you can put keywords there, for example “trimming” if you would like a hedge or tree trimmed. The category that best describes the request will appear; in this case, you will see “Tree Trimming” or “Other”. Click on the best category.

6) A map appears where you can zoom in and click to identify the location, then click next at the bottom of the page.

7) Enter any additional relevant information, including the ability to upload photos to describe the problem, click next.

8) Enter your contact information and click “Submit”.

No in-person FHCA meeting is expected to be scheduled at the Fraser Heights Secondary School until at least June, and more likely it will be the fall or later. We will send out an email notice well in advance, or you can always keep up to date on the next meeting through the FHCA web site at fhca.ca.

Stay safe!

Message from RCMP re open house and food bank

Message from Sgt Tyler Wickware of the RCMP:

Hello Everyone,

Normally this time of year we would be encouraging the community to participate in our annual open house and Pack the PC events, in support of the Surrey Food Bank. Unfortunately, as we all try to work together through this pandemic, there will be no open house or Pack the PC event this year.

I encourage those that wish to continue to support those in need in their community this year to donate to the Surrey Food Bank (link), either by dropping food off in person (list of locations) or, you can use the option to donate online.

We are also happy to accept non-perishable food donations at the Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights – District 2 office in a “drop-and-go” capacity up to December 24th, 2020.

Hopefully we will be able to gather and meet in person again soon. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Sgt Tyler Wickware

Surrey RCMP

Community Response Unit

District 2 – Guildford/Fleetwood

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Safety in Fraser Heights – report from RCMP

Below is an email received from Sgt Tyler Wickware of the RCMP on crime statistics in Fraser Heights.


Greetings Fraser Heights Residents,

I wanted to take an opportunity formally introduce myself as the new District Commander for District 2 (Fraser Heights / Guildford / Fleetwood) replacing Sgt Mike Spencer who moved on in August. I have been in the role since the last week of September. I met briefly with some of the directors of the FHCA at the end of October to begin the working relationship between myself and the FHCA.

A little about me: I have been in the RCMP since April of 2006 when I graduated Depot and was posted to North Vancouver Detachment. I remained in North Vancouver until May 2014 when I transferred to Surrey Detachment where I have remained since. I have experience primarily in Frontline Operations, Property Crime, and Serious Crime. I was most recently a Sergeant on one of Surrey’s Frontline Watches. I have been a Surrey resident for 12 years now and am well connected to my community.

I wanted to present some brief stats for Fraser Heights from the period from October 2-Nov 26. There have been four residential break and enters, one commercial break and enter, zero reports of bike theft, three vehicles stolen, ten reports of theft from an auto, and five general thefts. These numbers are on the lower end of what we would expect for Fraser Heights based on previous statistics.

I also wanted to pass on a few winter property crime tips:

1) The shorter days mean more darkness which can make it easier for a property crime offender to determine you are not at home. Having interior and exterior lights on timers is one possible way to deter an offender from your property;

2) If warming vehicles, do not leave the vehicle running with keys in the ignition. Use a remote start system that does not require the key to be in the vehicle and that won’t allow the vehicle to be driven without the key; and

3) If out shopping for gifts ensure any gifts / valuables left in your vehicle are not visible from the outside.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the Holiday Season during these unprecedented times. I look forward to attending in person meetings of the Fraser Heights Community Association when they are able to resume; hopefully sometime in the near future!

Sgt Tyler Wickware

Surrey RCMP

Community Response Unit, District 2 – Guildford / Fleetwood / Fraser Heights

14355 57 Avenue, Surrey, BC  V3X 1A9

Ph: 604-507-5977

email: tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca


Sgt Tyler Wickware

Détachment de Surrey – GRC

14355 57 Avenue, Surrey, C.-B.  V3X 1A9

Tél: (604)507-5977

Courriel: tyler.wickware@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Surrey Transportation Plan

Surrey is growing by 300,000 people over the next 30 years – that’s 50% more than today. The City is developing a new Surrey Transportation Plan (STP) to address growth and leverage new technology. There is a commitment to making Surrey’s transportation network safer, cleaner and more accessible for everyone.

If you want your voice to be heard, provide your feedback so that the plan reflects your needs and priorities.  This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.

You can find the survey and link here:


Message from Sgt Mike Spencer, RCMP

Message from Sergeant Mike Spencer,
Guildford/Fleetwood Community Response Unit
Surrey RCMP – District 2 Commander:

I hope this email finds you well, enjoying (but not melting from) our newfound summer weather !!

I send you this email with mixed emotions as it is to let you know that I have accepted a new position within the Surrey RCMP and will be Detachment’s Emergency Operation Planning Sergeant, which means I will be relinquishing my role as the District 2 Commander.    The Emergency Operation Planning is a unit that I have long desired to work with and when the opportunity presented itself, I had to make the decision to apply for it – or forever abandon the desire to work there (there are a LOT of opportunities in a detachment this size, but the infrequency in which they become available does not allow one the luxury of passing on something thinking it will be available again anytime in the foreseeable future.

The GOOD news is that filling my vacancy is a priority and I believe my replacement has already been chosen from the list of desired candidates.  I have not seen an official announcement internally, so I will refrain from introducing who I believe the next District 2 Commander will be, but the process to choose the most suitable and qualified replacement is well under way and, quite likely, all but complete.  This is fantastic news as there will be little or no gap and the process should be rather seamless.   In the meantime, you are in excellent hands with Corporal Teri LESLIE, who will be acting in my role until it’s officially filled.   Teri has been my 2 I/C for over two years now and works day in and day out with our Community Response Unit that she supervises.

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